RUMOR: Full List of "Disney Fab 50 Character Collection" Gold Statues Revealed for Walt Disney World –

For Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary and “The World’s Most Magical Celebration”, 50 classic Disney characters will be displayed as gold statues throughout all four theme parks. Over the past few weeks, Disney has been releasing concept art and renderings of these statues, revealing some of the characters that will be displayed. We pieced together the clues from various pieces of art released thus far to figure out exactly who the Disney Fab 50 will be. Check out the full speculative list below:
Which characters do you wish were included in the Disney Fab 50? Let us know in the comments.
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Would’ve loved to see Ray the Firefly and Abu! Some live action like Jack Sparrow, Mary Poppins, and Davey Crockett would’ve been welcome as well!
Abu is on the list
These choices are so weird. No Remy? I figured he was a shoe-in given that he’s the only one getting a new ride for the 50th. Also sad to see that there’s no Jiminy Cricket. It would be so easy to add him onto Pinocchio’s a la Timothy with Dumbo. Overall, this seems like a lackluster list.
No Scrooge McDuck? Color me disappointed
50th anniversary, at Cinderella’s castle, and there is no…Cinderella but there is Ariel…make it make sense @Disney
Good list. Was hoping for a Baymax.
No, Baymax and his Hero 6 crewmembers have their own story to tell, independent of Disney’s movies.
It’s neat and all but Disney needs more Fastpass being back and less gold statue announcements.
If Baymax isn’t one of the statues I’ll riot. And by riot I mean mention it bitterly in conversation for a little while.
Only one of the Princesses, seems odd?!
None from Snow White, really? Not even Dopey?
I don’t think the duos like Timon and Pumbaa will count as two statues.
It’s 50 characters, not 50 statues
woah, having 50 characters is so cool, but i wonder if this new Disney Fab 50 Character Collection gold statues will be featured in the 4 parks or it will be a Magic Kingdom exclusive experience.
They’re in all 4
How is Hei-Hei and Pua on here but not Moana? Makes no sense.
That’s an interesting list. I wouldn’t have repeated across movies (Either Dante or Miguel, or Brunei or Olaf, or Frozone or Edna, not both), but at least it’s not all super popular characters.
I’d like to see Duffy.
No characters from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs – the movie that started it all? Really? Not even Dopey?
Cinderela and all the Disney Princesses
Where is Belle and Beast!
Yeah, there seem to be a lot of iconic characters missing from this list!
Belle, the Beast and Elsa should be on this!
I feel that Baloo from Jungle Book, should have been included. that movie is clearly a classic and should be repesented.


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