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Two months was enough for Disney to take another loss on Black Widow as Johansson leaves the door open for future projects with the studio.
Disney and Marvel can strike one legal headache off their checklist as the company has officially reached an agreement with the Black Widow star that puts an end to the lawsuit that was filed by Scarlett Johansson’s representatives back in July.
The central matter of Johansson’s claim was that the company breached the existing contract between both parties that allowed her to benefit from the box office profits obtained by Black Widow due to releasing the movie on Disney Plus from day one. Since then both sides traded several blows, although it was eventually disclosed that Black Widow made at least $125m from streaming and digital sales, besides the $379m that it recouped from theaters worldwide.
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According to The Hollywood Reporter, a settlement has been effectively reached, although no specific details about it were disclosed to the public that would indicate just how costly the entire affair was for Disney. An official statement from Johansson was limited to say she’s “happy to have resolved our differences with Disney”, while leaving the doors open for future projects; on the opposite camp, Disney Studios’ chairman Alan Bergman agreed on his relief over putting an end to the case, noting “We appreciate her contributions to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and look forward to working together on a number of upcoming projects, including Disney’s Tower of Terror.”
As was argued by Johansson’s attorney during the case’s early development, the reasoning behind taking Black Widow straight to Disney Plus seems to have been intended to capture new subscribers for the streaming service, however, at the time there are no official numbers of just how big of an impact that had. Both Emma Stone and Dwayne Johnson’s probably lost out on similar bonuses as Cruella and Jungle Cruise, respectively, got the Disney Plus treatment, though at least in the former’s case she did sign on for a sequel shortly after the case arose.
Even then, this will not be the end of Disney's current legal disputes, as its subsidiaries are facing several copyright lawsuits involving Marvel characters like Spider-Man, Iron Man, Doctor Strange, and the Black Widow herself. Those cases are pitting the heirs of many comic book creators against Marvel as they look to regain the rights to profit over their original work, unlike Hollywood actors, creative work for hire talent has had to settle for very little for decades due to lacking any type of ownership over the character they conceived.
Black Widow and her friend Hawkeye usually got the short end of the stick in the Avengers, both from a business and story perspective, with Johansson even calling Disney’s first response to the lawsuit outright misogynistic. Luckily for Clint Barton, the upcoming Hawkeye series looks like a far better setting for Jeremy Renner’s character to shine than what Natasha Romanoff got.
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Source: The Hollywood Reporter
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