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Some Marvel Comics characters wouldn’t be a good fit because of their high power levels, which would hurt the dramatic stakes of any show they’re in.
The Marvel Cinematic Universe‘s Disney+ shows have expanded on the MCU in ways that no one thought possible. Those long-form tales have ranged from reality-bending meditation on grief and classic MCU superhero action to time travel shenanigans and multiversal musings. The characters in these shows have run the gamut of hero types, from the smartest men and women in the MCU to some of the most powerful.
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With Disney in complete control of just about all of Marvel’s characters, that opens up the possibilities for a variety of characters that could be brought into Disney+ shows. Some wouldn’t be a good fit, mostly because of their high power levels, which would hurt the dramatic stakes of any show they’re in.
Introduced in one of the first event books ever, Secret Wars, the Beyonder is an all-powerful being who hails from Beyond. His powers allow him to do pretty much whatever he wants to do and he quickly proved to be more than a match for any being he found himself up against. Secret Wars II revolved around him becoming human, and while it was good for a laugh, it showed the limitations of the character.
Everybody likes fish-out-of-water tales, but the Beyonder just wouldn’t be entertaining long-term. He’s too powerful for anyone in the MCU to actually defeat, and while watching him try ice cream for the first time as a human would be interesting, the whole thing would lose its luster after an episode.
In Secret Wars II, only one being was powerful enough to challenge the Beyonder, and that was the Molecule Man. His powers allow him complete control of molecules, which makes him ridiculously powerful. That’s a problem because powers like his would have to be nerfed to a ridiculous degree, otherwise, he’d just win every battle he was in.
On top of that, as a character, he’s just not all that interesting. Owen Reece is a bit of a nerdy sad sack and how he was treated over the years drove him to villainy. All in all, he’s just too powerful and not a very interesting character.
Juggernaut is unstoppable and while that can make him an interesting foe, it also would make him hard to work with in the MCU. Juggernaut has beaten a who’s who of Marvel heroes, including the Hulk; putting him in a Disney+ show would be like putting a pro-NFL player against a Peewee football team. Even Captain Marvel would have a huge problem fighting him.
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He’s a great character but his power level is just too high for the MCU in general; usually, the only surefire way to beat him is telepathically and the MCU is light on telepaths.
Speaking of telepaths, the Shadow King would make short work of pretty much the entire MCU. He’s not physically powerful, as most of the time he doesn’t even have a body, but his mental abilities would allow him to take over the minds of every hero in the MCU. Vision might be immune, but he’d have to fight his way through the rest of the mind-controlled Avengers, not something he could do.
Shadow King would be an insurmountable obstacle. Even heroes like Doctor Strange or Scarlet Witch wouldn’t be able to fight off his mental attacks and he’d quickly spell doom for the Avengers and anyone else he went up against.
The Heralds of Galactus have been a party to a lot of terrible acts, but out of all of them, Morg was probably the worst. Morg was once an executioner on his homeworld when Galactus recruited him. The new herald took a sadistic glee in his work. He even found a way to enhance the Power Cosmic in himself, making the most powerful Herald yet.
Morg fought off five other former Heralds at once. That’s five other beings with the Power Cosmic. That’s an obscene amount of power and it’s way more than any hero or group of heroes in the MCU could handle.
Scarlet Witch in the MCU is much weaker than her comic version, because they took away her reality-altering powers. The ability to alter reality on a large scale is a devastating power and it’s why Jamie Braddock wouldn’t work on a Disney+ show. While he’d certainly be an entertaining foil, his massive power level would make it impossible for the heroes to defeat him.
Braddock’s reality-altering abilities would allow him to make short work of just about anyone he battled in the MCU. Wanda’s small-scale reality altering in WandaVision would be small scale compared to what Jamie Braddock would bring.
With Kang’s introduction to the MCU, it opens the doors for the Apocalypse Twins, but that would be disastrous for the MCU’s heroes. Uriel is chronokinetic, allowing him to bend space and time in a certain radius and age anything to dust. Eimin can generate powerful acid attacks that also have chronal properties.
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With their time-based powers, razor-sharp wings, and uncanny durability, allowing them to tank hits from Thor with ease, the Apocalypse Twins would lay waste to any hero they were up against. In order for the heroes to win, the whole thing would have to stretch credulity too much for it to work at all.
Annihilus was long one of the Fantastic Four’s most dangerous foes, but has gotten a frightening upgrade in recent years. A denizen of the Negative Zone, Annhilus was powered by the Cosmic Control Rod, giving him immense power and allowing him to take control of beings around him. Revealed to be the master of the Annihilation Wave, Annihilus reached the next level.
While he was always a cosmic predator, Annihilus’ upgrade made him into the type of threat that would never work for a Disney+ show because his attack would be an all-hands-on-deck moment that would demand all the Avengers.
Doctor Strange is cool and all but Magik makes him look kind of quaint. She was born with the mutant power to open portals to anywhere in space and time. She mastered magic in the realm of Limbo and learned how to fight, becoming an expert sword fighter. All in all, she’s much too cool to not be in a movie; if Strange gets his own movies, Magik definitely deserves her own.
Getting any mutant Disney+ shows would be great, but Magik is too powerful for that sort of thing. She should either get her own movie or be in an X-Men movie, but not on a show.
Silver Surfer is one of the most powerful heroes in the Marvel Universe and while his fans want to see him in the MCU, putting him in a Disney+ show would be a waste. Silver Surfer is too powerful, important, and beloved to make a debut anywhere outside of the movies. To really do him justice, he needs to be in a movie.
Silver Surfer’s mastery of the Power Cosmic means he needs to tackle the most powerful threats, and the MCU Disney+ shows aren’t the places for those kinds of threats. Putting Silver Surfer anywhere outside of the movies would be a mistake.
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