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Music in Disney is just as big as the animated movies themselves. Sometimes, a famous singer is called in to lend a hand with these classic tunes.
One of the most prominent things in all animated Disney movies is the music. Whether it’s catchy and beloved songs, or a toe-tapping soundtrack, Disney’s music is just as legendary as its movies, and sometimes, this has been because of a big-name mainstream singer that’s at least helped give the soundtrack that extra boost with their built-in fanbase.
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In Disney movies, these famous singers could either provide the vocals of a character in the movie or sing the music to set the scene. However they appear, these famous singers are the main vocals of some of Disney’s most beloved tunes.
Rising to fame performing with his siblings as The Osmonds before going solo, Donny Osmond was considered a heartthrob in the 1970s, thanks to songs such as “Puppy Love” and “Soldier of Love.” Fans of Friends will recognize the singer as the host of Pyramid, thanks to Joey’s terrible performance on the game show.
Whilst B.D. Wong of Jurassic Park fame provided the voice of Captain Li Shang in Disney’s Mulan, it is Donny Osmond who provides Shang’s singing voice in “Make A Man Out Of You,” arguably the best song in Mulan and perhaps one of Disney’s catchiest songs today.
Although she’s currently a successful solo artist, Nicole Scherzinger is most well-known as the lead singer of the pop group The Pussycat Dolls. She’s also frequently served as a judge on talent competitions such as The X Factor and The Sing-Off.
Nicole Scherzinger is the voice of Sina, Moana’s mother, in the more recent Disney animated classic, MoanaAlthough Sina is more of a minor supporting role, she gets her chance to sing as part of the song, “Where You Are.” Nicole Scherzinger can also be heard briefly in another Disney movie – Wreck-it Ralph: Ralph Breaks The Internet.
Roger Miller was a country singer who was most famous during the 1960s. Whilst most of  his hits were more novelty songs, he was also renowned for his more sincere ballads, including his most famous song “King of the Road.”
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Roger Miller not only provided the voice of Allan-a-Dale, the gentle minstrel rooster from Disney’s Robin Hood, but he also wrote most of the movie’s songs. The opening song “Ooh-de-Lally” remains one of Disney’s most beloved songs that is still sung along with to this day.
The King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley is perhaps one of the most iconic singers of all time. Elvis was the singer behind a number of hits, including “Burnin’ Love” and Jailhouse Rock,” and also starred in a number of classic musical movies. Elvis died in 1977, but his legacy still holds strong today.
According to Vision TV, Elvis had a “gigantic affection for Hawaii,” and thus, his songs are part of the soundtrack to Disney’s Lilo & Stitch. Not only are his songs featured but Lilo uses Elvis as a role model in teaching Stitch to be a model citizen.
Whilst he covered a number of music genres during his career, Louis Prima was most famous as a jazz singer and trumpet player who frequently performed as part of a band, as well as solo.
More modern audiences will recognize Louis Prima as the voice of King Louie, the orangutan in Disney’s The Jungle Book. The somewhat minor villain King Louie is a memorable character, certainly one of the most likable characters in The Jungle Book, and the toe-tapping “I Wanna Be Like You” remains a timeless Disney song.
Peggy Lee was a renowned jazz singer with a music career spanning over 70 years. She influenced other big-name musicians and singers, such as Beyonce, Madonna, and even Miss Piggy of The Muppets. According to Smithsonian, the porcine star’s original full name was Miss Piggy Lee.
Peggy Lee helped write some of the songs in Lady and the Tramp, as well as providing vocalsbut her most notable contribution to the classic Disney movie is in providing both voice and vocals to the sultry Peg. Although considerably outdated due to its sexual and romantic shaming, “He’s A Tramp” is easily one of the movie’s most famous songs and still a memorable Disney tune.
Known for his distinct gravelly voice, Dr. John was a well-known musician in the jazz world.  His live shows were theatrical and lively, which, like his songs, took inspiration from New Orleans culture.
With these aspects in mind, it’s little wonder Dr. John features in The Princess and the FrogWhilst not starring directly in the movie as a character, it is Dr. John who sings the opening number, “Down in New Orleans,” which sets the scene of New Orleans perfectly and features one of The Princess and the Frog’s best quotes in its lyrics: “Dreams do come true in New Orleans.”
With a singing career spanning over 50 years, Tom Jones remains one of the most internationally famous singers to this day. Whilst famous for hits as “It’s Not Unusual” and “She’s a Lady,” Tom Jones has also achieved the honor of belting out of the best James Bond theme songs in “Thunderball.”
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Tom Jones hasn’t only been a theme song provider for Bond, he is also Emperor Kuzco’s “Theme Song Guy” in the Disney cult hit The Emperor’s New Groove, singing “Perfect World,” one of two songs in the movie, featured at the start and the end.
Dubbed the “Queen of Latin Music,” Colombian singer Shakira is most famous for songs such as “Hips Don’t Lie,” “She-Wolf” and dueting with Beyonce in “Beautiful Liar.”
With her catchy rhythmic music, Shakira is a perfect fit as Gazelle, the amiable pop star in Zootopia. Whilst Gazelle does not have much screen time compared to a lot of the other characters, her speech about peace and love is one of the most powerful quotes in Zootopia, and the movie’s signature song “Try Everything” is upbeat and something of a recent Disney classic.
Phil Collins achieved fame as the drummer in Genesis before embarking on a solo career. With recognizable vocals and hit songs such as “In The Air Tonight” and “Two Hearts,” he has certainly made a name for himself in the music world.
To Disney fans, however, Collins will always be most famous as the writer and singer of the soundtrack for TarzanWhilst there is no singing among the characters themselves, the music from Tarzan remains some of the most beloved and iconic in Disney history, thanks to Phil Collin’s heartfelt lyrics, distinct voice, and powerful score.
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