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James McAvoy, who played a young Professor Charles Xavier, says he is excited about the potential introduction of a new X-Men line-up to the MCU.
James McAvoy has expressed his excitement over Marvel Studios’ possible new X-Men line-up. The actor played the younger version of Charles Xavier (aka Professor X) in the Fox/Marvel soft reboot of the franchise, which focused on the team’s origins. With the mutants’ impending arrival in the MCU, McAvoy is among the many fans who are looking forward to seeing how Kevin Feige and his team will interpret the heroes.
In late 2017, news broke that Disney was planning to acquire Fox’s TV and movie assets, which meant that Marvel Studios could regain rights to the X-Men, Fantastic Four, and all their tie-in characters. That could lead to those heroes finally existing in the same universe as the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy, as seen in the comics. After months of rigorous business negotiations between the two companies, the sale finalized, inching fans towards seeing what was once just a pipe dream come to fruition. Despite the clamor for any official update regarding this, Feige has remained largely tight-lipped about the matter.
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Speaking to ComicBook, when asked about the possibility of his reprising the role of Professor X in the MCU, McAvoy said he would be open to it, as long as there’s a good script. The actor also explained, however, that he knows there is a possibility that Marvel Studios will debut an entirely new mutant line-up instead. The actor doesn’t have any issue with this, though. He says that “as a fan” he’s simply excited to see “whatever way they go” with any future X-Men films. Read his full comments below:
“[Marvel are] clever people … They’re so good at putting their stuff together. They’ll figure out where to do it, but that might not involve people who’ve done it before. It might be a complete reimagining. And as a fan, I’m down for that as well and I’d be excited to see what happens next. If what happens next involves us, then that could be cool, but I’m not sure what way they’re going to go with it, basically. But as a fan, I’m excited to see whatever way they go.”
So far, Marvel Studios has revealed the reboot of Fantastic Four with a film helmed by Jon Watts. Meanwhile, Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool will be carried over to the MCU given how popular the sub-franchise has been. Plans for more X-Men films have remained murky at this point, and considering the fact that Feige has a stacked slate that runs until at least 2023, there’s really no rush to bring the mutants in. For what it’s worth, McAvoy isn’t the only one who’s been asked about his thoughts on potentially reprising his Fox/Marvel character in the MCU. Hugh Jackman has been regularly hounded by the same query but, like McAoy, Jackman also expressed his eagerness to see the next actor who will play Wolverine.
Just because Marvel Studios is likely going to revamp the X-Men cast in future projects doesn’t mean that former actors who played the mutants over at Fox can’t be brought into the MCU. The Marvel/Disney series Loki properly established the multiverse with its overlapping timelines, and could act as an opening for the franchise to bring McAvoy and Jackman back as X-Men, even if only in camero roles. It’s possible that the upcoming Spider-Man: No Way Home can set a precedent for this, too, as both Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire are persistently rumored to be appearing in the threequel. However, while Feige and his team maintain their well-established talents at secret-keeping, audiences can only wait to find out.
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