Maleficent refuses to break character when adorable doppelgänger walks up to her: ‘She’s trying so hard not to smile’ – Yahoo News

A sweet toddler tested the acting skills of Maleficent at Disney World, and the adorable footage is going viral.
Posted by the TikTok account @badparentingmoments, the villain’s hilarious exchange with her tiny doppelgänger garnered over 20 million views and nearly 10,000 comments.
Now, just like the teenage babysitter who perfectly captured the voice of Ariel in her chill-inducing performance of “Part of Your World,” the viral video is melting the hearts of Disney lovers all around the world. 
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In the video, a very in-character Maleficent is put to the test when a villainous toddler approaches her.
“It’s awfully small,” the evil queen sneers at the tiny tot — who promptly blows her a sweet kiss.
“Is it blowing me a kiss…?” Maleficent asks the toddler’s mom, who smiles and stands watch close by. 
The true test of Maleficent’s acting skills comes when the toddler touches the villainess’ gloved hand, forcing the queen to turn a stony face into the crowd. 
While the evildoer never officially breaks character, many TikTokers feel like the actress’ face betrays just how desperately she wanted to hug the toddler! 
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Thousands of TikTokers shared their reactions to the sweet moment in the comments.
“I love how they don’t break character! I would have totally broken character! She is too cute!!!” one user wrote.
“Her face really said, ‘Omg it’s so precious,'” another user commented.
“You can see she tried so hard not to break character because she’s so cute,” observed another user.
“At the end she was trying so hard not to smile and hug her,” another user wrote.
“I would have melted like ice on a summer day!” laughed one user.
“Love that she’s trying to stay in her character, but all the while she’s holding back from hugging the little cutie,” another user commented.
“Trying to keep character but this little bean said ‘Imaa bout to ruin their whole acting career,'” one user joked.
Thanks to dedicated performers like this talented Maleficent, Disney World continues to be a place of magic and joy for kids everywhere — and kids-at-heart too!
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