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Players can unlock alternate costumes for many popular heroes and villains in Marvel Strike Force, but some stand apart as exceptionally great.
In Boundless Entertainment’s hero collector Marvel Strike Force, players can collect over 150 heroes and villains to battle in several PvE and PvP game modes. While the roster does a great job of representing both the most famous and more obscure Marvel characters, fans haven’t always been happy with the looks that the game artists have chosen.
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Thankfully the costumes feature was added this year which let players unlock new outfits for their roster based on Marvel comics, movies, and shows. While all of the costumes have been well-received, some stand above the rest as particularly great.
Thor’s original look, with its sleeveless top and long, un-helmeted hair, was a perfectly serviceable look for the God of Thunder, but fans were excited when one of Marvel Strike Force‘s early costumes gave Thor his scaled silver arms and winged helmet.
Though fans can see this look in many Thor stories from his long history in Marvel comics, the name references a particular event from 2010. In “Siege”, Norman Osborn becomes the head of the United States military forces. Loki manipulates him into attacking Asgard (which was located in the U.S. at the time), forcing Thor and several other heroes to defend the Asgardian homeland from Normans troops and evil version of the Avengers.
Black Widow was introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe back in Iron Man 2, and she’s been a core part of the Avengers team ever since. Despite this, it took until after her character’s death in Avengers: Endgame for the femme fatale to finally get her own movie.
While Natasha Romanoff has traditionally sported black suits with red or blue accents, the Black Widow movie saw the hero don a flashy all-white suit to blend in with the intense Russian tundra. This suit looks great in Marvel Strike Force, but it’s a shame that Black Widows’ frequent stealth means players won’t get to see it as much as other characters’ costumes.
Marvel Strike Force isn’t a narratively-based game, but it does feature a story that ties all characters together. The tale sees the Kree warlord Ultimus conquering dimensions and enslaving different versions of heroes and villains. Nick Fury leads S.T.R.I.K.E, Earth’s combined effort to protect itself from this interdimensional threat.
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To celebrate the game’s third anniversary earlier in 2021, the commander of S.T.R.I.K.E. and S.H.I.E.L.D. got a shiny new outfit to wear to battle. Fury’s trenchcoat got a few new pistols to display, a large chain, and vibrant gold accents to add contrast to the ensemble.
Many fans were surprised when early images from WandaVision revealed that the show would be traveling through the decades and mirroring the visual style of each era’s television shows. The first episode paid homage to classic sitcoms of the 1950s and pleased fans by giving both characters some much-deserved character development and backstory.
Marvel Strike Force brought 1950s-style costumes to both characters, though Wanda’s looks particularly unique. It may not be practical combat attire, but Scarlet Witch appearing in full grayscale stands out in any battle.
While mutants have always been some of Marvel’s most popular characters, their presence in comics, video games, and other merchandise was minimized due to Fox’s ownership of their film rights. However, since Disney bought Fox and its Marvel properties (also including the Fantastic Four), the X-Men have seen renewed focus in the Marvel Universe.
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Jonathan Hickman led this resurgence in the comics world, and his Dawn of X titles gave the mutant world a soft reboot and new status quo. Emma Frost has been an essential part of this new mutant world, and Boundless Entertainment perfectly translated her updated look into Strike Force.
Though Daredevil is best known for his classic red suit, the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen has several iconic looks, from his yellow and red get-up to the casual black prototype outfit.
In the Shadowland comic event, Matt Murdock is possessed by a demon, becomes the leader of the Hand organization, and takes over the Hell’s Kitchen that he swore to protect. His Shadowland comic costume trades his signature red for black cloth, but the in-game version smoothly covers a more armored costume with reds and a deep midnight blue.
By default, Luke Cage wears his modern jeans and yellow t-shirt in Marvel: Strike Force, but the Hero for Hire goes retro with his Power Man costume. The jeans stay, but they’re joined by an afro and silver headpiece, an extremely deep v-neck shirt, huge cuffed boots, and a chain-link belt.
Luke Cage has had a tumultuous journey in Marvel Strike Force. The character was originally one of the worst in the game, then saw renewed play with the Defenders rework, and was subsequently power-crept out of relevance. His newest team, Heroes for Hire, is currently the best War defense team in the game, so players will want Luke looking his best.
Marvel’s What If has proven to be another hit with fans and critics alike for Marvel Studios, and episode 4 introduced viewers to a powerful, heartbroken Dr. Strange. This costume, which trades Strange’s cape and shifts his costume to purples and blacks, is not yet available to unlock, but it’s viewable at Dr. Strange’s costume selection screen.
The Supernatural team may not currently see heavy use in any game modes, but the rumored expansion to the number of attacks in War means that they’re likely to see a comeback. Fans are speculating that the Sorceror Supreme will also get new teammates to work with around the release of Spider-Man: No Way Home or Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.
Gamora’s Requiem costume represents the deadliest woman in the galaxy at her darkest. After being stuck in the Soul Gem, Gamora sees visions from her future self that tells her part of her is still in Soulworld. She attempts to gather all the stones to find the missing piece of her soul, and she betrays Adam Warlock and the Guardians to find them.
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Thanos tells her that she will “fulfill his requiem,” and she adopts the term as her new name after killing the Mad Titan. A Nidavellir blacksmith forges her new armor, represented by her in-game costume, and she kills him after he completes his work.
Carnage, Venom, Scream, Symbiote Spider-Man, and Anti-Venom make up the Symbiote raid team, which is one of the best teams for new players to unlock. Since they’re used daily in raids, Carnage’s new skin is one that players will see often. Cletus Kasady’s original design stayed faithful to his classic look, but his new Absolute Carnage costume draws inspiration from the 2019 comic book event of the same name.
This event saw Cletus Kasady hunt down every character that’s ever bonded with a Symbiote after he was resurrected by a cult that worshipped the Symbiote God, Knull. The skill accurately adapts the crazed, somewhat zombified look of Carnage in the event.
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