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Disney+ has given a few MCU characters their own series, but some comic characters would be a little too tragic for Disney.
The MCU series on Disney+ have been well-received by fans and critics. Marvel has also not shied away from incorporating tragedy and pathos in its stories. The various Netflix series were prone to go extremely dark, using some of the most tragic characters in Marvel’s vast catalog of characters.
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Some characters might be too sad and tragic for a Disney+ series. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll never appear. They may be altered by omitting the more tragic elements. Marvel may also decide to take up the challenge to tackle these characters outside of Disney+.
Emerging near the end of Peter Milligan and Mike Allred’s run on X-Force, Dead Girl was unique. Her mutant powers emerged upon her being murdered. She could be torn apart, seemingly destroyed, and pull herself back together. Dead Girl had very spotty memories of her life and played off her powers by acting the part.
X-Statix #12 showed the darkest point of the celebrity. The troubled daughter of the team’s mortician idolized her and nothing Dead Girl could do could convince her that being dead was not a solution. Unfortunately, a sharpshooter killed the girl, who was holding a gun. Dead Girl used her powers for revenge against the girl’s father, killing him and torturing him after death.
After running away from home, Nekra met up with the Mandrill and formed a sibling-like bond. After their mutant powers manifested, the pair made plans to take over multiple nations using Mandrill’s control of women. It’s unknown if Mandrill’s influence extended to Nekra.
After a brief time on her own, Nekra fell under the sway of the Grim Reaper. Her devotion to him was so intense that she carried around his corpse, reanimating it several times, only for him to kill her. She was then reanimated by Daimon Hellstrom, another instance in which this powerful female mutant was used by a man to accomplish their goals.
With the upcoming Moon Knight series, Marvel is exploring a character with mental illness. Moon Knight is a little different from another well-known mentally ill character, Typhoid Mary. Mary’s dissociative disorder is rooted in sexual abuse as a child and her formative years institutionalized.
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She’s often sought help, but her other two personalities have continued to disrupt her life. This has driven her to institutionalize herself and even hire mercenaries to kill her. One of the personalities has driven her into prostitution and manipulating heroes with her sexuality, making her one of the saddest characters Marvel has.
Poor Doctor Druid never seemed to catch on, despite having an opportunity in the Avengers. His retroactive origin has him learning from the Ancient One but leaving before Doctor Strange arrives to begin his training. As an Avenger, he was arrogant and fell rather easily to the influence of Ravonna, going as a female version of Kang called Nebula.
Doctor Druid got a second chance from Doctor Strange, but Druid grew bored and sunk into an alcoholic depression. He found himself humiliated and attempted to increase his powers. This crossed his path with Daimon Hellstrom who used a resurrected Nekra to kill Doctor Druid.
When Chamber’s mutant powers first manifested, his vast energy furnace blew out his lower jaw and upper chest. After leaving Generation X, he was used by a pop singer for publicity and joined the X-Men only to find his ex-girlfriend Husk in a relationship with Archangel.
When Scarlet Witch depowered almost all of the world’s mutants, he lost his powers, forcing him on life support. A cult of descendants of Apocalypse healed him but with an appearance resembling the powerful mutant. This drove Chamber into a suicidal depression. While he eventually recovered, he went on to teach at the Jean Grey School about the physical changes that sometimes come with mutations, but was still bothered by his appearance.
Toad was part of Magneto‘s original Brotherhood of Evil Mutants but was always berated by the Master of Magnetism. His rather unimpressive powers led to him suffering further indignities from Arcade, Doctor Doom, and Spider-Man. He also developed an unhealthy obsession with the Scarlet Witch, leading to further rejection and insult from his former teammates in the Brotherhood.
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Despite not losing his powers along with most other mutants, Toad’s luck doesn’t change. He ends up as the Janitor at the Jean Grey School where he’s looked down on by much of the faculty and students. Even when he left the school for the Hellfire Academy, he became a janitor there as well and was treated even worse.
Science bloggers have been very quick to point out why immortality is a bad power to have. Mr. Immortal is a classic example of that. He simply can resurrect himself any time he’s killed. Unfortunately, there’s a brief period where he’s violent and mad.
Mr. Immortal is fated to live until the end of the universe, watching everyone around him die. This drives him to depression, alcoholism, and multiple suicide attempts. All this is hidden by his role in the Great Lakes Avengers, a team that is consistently considered a joke in the Marvel Universe.
In Alpha Flight, Snowbird was the member descended from the Inuit deities. She was created, by mating with a mortal man, to fight against the Great Beasts, powerful entities out to destroy mankind. Within three years, John Byrne chronicled her eventual triumph.
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Afterward, she sought to start a family with a mortal man, prompting the gods to bar her from their realm. When she gave birth to a child, the magic necessary to deliver the baby unleashed an evil that possessed the child. This resulted in the deaths of Snowbird’s husband, child, and finally, herself.
Another member of Alpha Flight, Marrina was part of an alien invasion that failed. Unfortunately, her genetic programming kicked in after she joined the team. It made her much more deadly but left her feeling like she couldn’t trust herself around her teammates.
She started a relationship with Namor, but again, the genetics kicked in around another of her race. She fled, being rescued by Namor and the Avengers after Attuma captured her. Finally, once pregnant, she completely transformed into a leviathan, forcing Namor to kill her.
The Sentry had immeasurable power but was essentially unstable due to the influence of the Void. As an aspect of the Sentry’s powers, the only solution was for the world to forget about him. When his memories and powers returned, the Sentry was convinced that he had killed his wife.
The Void constantly returned to plague the Sentry, driving his mental state even closer to instability. During Secret Invasion, the Sentry completely became the Void. Afterward, Norman Osborn would manipulate the Sentry and the Void to his ends, ending in the siege of Asgard. At the end of the siege, the Sentry begged for death. Whenever the Sentry has been resurrected, the Void also returns.
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