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Doctor Strange has become the ultimate fixer in Marvel Comics, with several heroes and villains coming to him for help over the years.
Doctor Strange is this world’s Master of the Mystic Arts and Sorcerer Supreme, which makes him one of the most powerful sorcerers in existence. As such a hero, he has taken it upon himself to save the world countless times from enemies from this dimension and others attempting to enter this one. He is also the go-to guy for Marvel heroes and villains who need his unique abilities.
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When someone in Marvel Comics needs help, they seek out Doctor Strange. Whether they are powerful heroes like those in the Avengers or street-level heroes suchs as Spider-Man, the man who most people rely on to fix big problems is Stephen Strange. He doesn’t always succeed, and there have been times when he has refused such requests, but the Sanctum Sanctorum is usually one of the first places people stop when they need magical assistance with an out-of-this-world problem.
Spider-Man has come to Doctor Strange for help more than once, and from the look of it, that will play out in Spider-Man: No Way Home as well when the movie hits theaters. The problem in the comics is that Strange almost always refuses to help Spidey.
When Aunt May was dying, Spider-Man went to Doctor Strange, but he said there was nothing he could do. As a result, Spider-Man went to Mephisto instead, leading to the One More Day storyline. While battling Kindred, Spider-Man went to Strange again. This time the sorcerer helped without telling Spider-Man and stopped Mephisto’s nefarious plan.
Captain Marvel was accidentally sent into the future, and in this timeline, she saw a world that was destroyed by global warming and a society ruled by a villain: Ove, the son of Namor the Sub-Mariner and the Enchantress. When Captain Marvel returned to her timeline and realized Ove was there too, she wanted to learn magic to stop him.
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Carol went to Doctor Strange for help learning magic, but he refused to teach her. Sadly, this sent Carol looking for help from another source: The Enchantress. But she didn’t tell her aim was to defeat her son who was yet to be born.
Doctor Strange has had to fix problems set up or caused by Scarlet Witch more than once. The most recent time came when Wanda wanted to make up for M-Day, when she de-powered almost all the world’s mutants. She didn’t know about the X-Men’s resurrection protocol and tried to use her magic.
Her spell was to raise every mutant that died in the Genosha tragedy. However, her magic went wrong and they all returned as zombies, attacking Krakoa. Doctor Strange was able to create a spell to reverse this, but not before the zombies devastated the island.
The original Valkyrie in Marvel Comics was Brunnhilde, and she made her debut in the pages of The Defenders. This was a non-team that Doctor Strange led, and when the team was sent into the past, a close friend of Hulk’s named Barbara Norriss ended up merged with Valkyrie, bringing her to the regular timeline.
Valkyrie was one of the first new members of the Defenders and fought with them. After Barbara Norriss was murdered, Brunnhilde needed to regain her original body, so she sought out Doctor Strange. Through his magic, he helped Brunnhilde regain her true body and power.
The Avengers event series Avengers Disassembled saw the team battling what they thought was an alien invasion. Several members died, including Vision, Hawkeye, Ant-Man, and Jack of Hearts, and it devastated the team. What was worse was when they found out that Scarlet Witch caused it.
Wanda had learned that she had children who were taken from her, so she lost control, destroying everything around her. She even killed her mentor, Agatha Harkness. When Doctor Strange arrived, he finally shut down Wanda’s mind and stopped the attack before scolding the Avengers for allowing something like this to happen.
Black Cat and Doctor Strange did not get off on the right foot. In Spider-Man’s battle with Kindred, he went to Felicia for help and she agreed to his plan. Spider-Man asked Doctor Strange for a magical amulet that would allow Spider-Man to enter the Astral Plane.
He knew Strange would say no, so he had a backup plan for Black Cat to steal it. This made things interesting when Black Cat needed to find Strange to help during the King in Black war with Knull. Strange was captured, and Black Cat rescued him in order to relay a request from Captain America to help stop the symbiote god.
In Thor #333, the God of Thunder had a hard battle in front of him as he battled the vampire king, Dracula. In this war, Dracula had changed Lady Sif into a vampire, and Thor had nowhere else to go for help than to Doctor Strange.
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Thor trusted Doctor Strange so much that he even allowed the doctor to know his secret identity of Donald Blake in case that helped him in the battle with Dracula. Strange entered Thor’s subconscious and gathered the information he needed to help Thor save both Sif and Jane Foster from the vampire king.
For the most part, the X-Men have dealt with their own problems in their history, knowing that most people wouldn’t want to help the mutants. However, in X-Men Annual #4, the X-Men had a problem they couldn’t fix on their own. They needed someone with Doctor Strange’s unique abilities to get them through it.
Nightcrawler seemingly dies on his 21st birthday, but Professor X believes there is something they don’t know. He calls Doctor Strange, and he learns that someone has put Nightcrawler in suspended animation and stolen his soul. Strange then leads the team into hell to save Nightcrawler.
It is not only heroes who have needed help from Doctor Strange. Doctor Doom has gone to the Sorcerer Supreme for assistance as well. The world was about to die, and Doctor Doom believed he could save it. This was the Incursion, and most Earths had already perished, with the 616 and Ultimate Universe as the last two standing.
To save the world, Doom asked Strange for help finding the Beyonders. However, even with Doctor Strange there to help him, countless universes died and the Incursion happened anyway. Doom ended up creating a new world out of it and had Strange by his side as his right hand.
Jessica Jones worked mainly as a private investigator, although she was also a member of the New Avengers. It was on this team that she got to know Doctor Strange well, and the two developed a professional relationship. In the series Jessica Jones: Blind Spot, she needed to go to Strange for help.
Jones was investigating a serial killer in New York City who was murdering women with powers, and she was a top suspect to the police. When she learned that the killer was the result of a man using reality-warping powers to remove his evil, effectively creating a second version of himself,  Jones knew the Master of the Mystic Arts was the only person who could help.
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