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By Christian Hoffer – October 3, 2021 10:46 am EDT
One of Disney World’s newest attractions is having a rough launch. This weekend, Walt Disney World officially launched KiteTails, a new Animal Kingdom attraction featuring a number of elaborate kites designed to look like various Disney characters. The attraction has multiple shows throughout the day, swapping between performances featuring characters from The Jungle Book and The Lion King. Each show lasts for 10 minutes and uses jet skis and performers on the ground to showcase the elaborate kites. 
Unfortunately, the show has had a rough go during its first few days. Yesterday, Disney was forced to cancel several KiteTails performances yesterday due to “unforeseen circumstances.” Although no additional reasons were given for the cancellations, several visitors to Animal Kingdom spotted one of KiteTails’ centerpiece kites trapped in a tree. The unfortunate situation was captured on TikTok by @thetragickingdom, which you can view below. 
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Sadly, this isn’t the first accident to befell KiteTails. During preview performances earlier this week, at least one performance was cancelled after a jet ski flipped, launching both its rider and the kite it was flying into the water. The rider was spotted getting back onto the jet ski and no injuries were reported in the news. Additionally, other previews have featured kites crashing into each other and other technical snafus. 
As a brand new attraction, hiccups were bound to happen with KiteTails. However, this particular show includes some extra risk simply because the performers have to factor in wind conditions, choppy waves, and other environmental issues that they can’t control. The show has already garnered some criticism as it replaced the River of Lights nighttime show that performed at Animal Kingdom last year. 
All four parks at the Walt Disney World Resort have received glow-ups to celebrate the resort’s 50th anniversary. In addition to two new nighttime shows at Magic Kingdom and EPCOT, Disney is also debuting a brand new “Beacons of Magic” lighting effect for the iconic elements of the park to provide fans with unforgettable views of some of Disney’s most iconic landmarks. Other attractions opening during the celebration include the new KiteTails show at Animal Kingdom, and several other rides are expected to open next year. Several classic shows closed down during the COVID pandemic are also reopening.
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