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It’s rare that Gilmore Girls characters say things that go against their personality, but there are rare moments when they’re fully out of character.
The characters in Gilmore Girls have transformed entirely over seven seasons (and one reboot), but they’ve always maintained the same morals and personality since season 1. Through birthdays, breakups, marriages — these characters were able to remain their truest selves while also maturing and growing from every trial.
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Characters like Lorelai, Luke, and Sookie are consistent with their beliefs, likes, and dislikes. It’s rare when they act or say things that go against their established characterization. However, there are those moments when they do and say things that are incredibly uncharacteristic. Whether they’re sleep-deprived, angry, or nervous, there are a handful of times when these characters act like anyone else but themselves.
When Rory and Dean started dating in season 1, both characters were a tad different compared to later seasons. But the oddest thing was that Dean was interested in literature. One of their first conversations in the school’s hallway was that he understood her movie reference. And it got weirder when Dean read Jane Austen and encouraged Rory to read Hunter Thompson. “You do have to read Hunter Thompson” came from the same man who didn’t care much for school and later dropped out of college.
It went against his personality to adore reading and know the same authors Rory did. Rory and Dean’s relationship timeline eventually came to an end, but perhaps they could have made it work if Dean stayed focused on Rory’s other love, literature.
Paris has never been one to focus on her mental or physical health. Her main dedication in high school was to get into an Ivy League college and succeed in life. When it came to resting, partaking in hobbies, or socializing, Paris was never good at any of it. If she wasn’t learning, doing homework, or preparing for the future, she wasn’t having fun.
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It was Paris’ drive for the future that inspired Rory to do things that were outside of her comfort zone. In a lot of ways, she was the unsung hero of the series because her bold personality countered Rory’s. And as consistent as Paris was over the years, there was one scene in season 7 that went against her personality. In the scene, Lorelai walked in on Paris and Doyle enjoying a yoga class. Paris admitted she thought yoga was a job but she ended up loving it because of its effects on the body and mind.
In season 7, Christopher and Lorelai were back together and enjoyed parenting Rory as a unit. When Parents Day arrived at Yale, Christopher was excited to go while Lorelai dreaded it. In Lorelai’s mind, she thought they were going to pick on Rory’s lectures and the other parents who were similar to Emily and Richard.
But when they sat in on a physics lecture, Christopher was enthralled with what he learned. He even asked the professor a question that sounded like it came out of a stranger’s mouth. The odd moment wasn’t what led to Lorelai and Christopher’s divorce, but it did point out their differences.
When Richard was healing after his heart attack, Emily had to pick up the pieces and tie up some loose ends with their taxes. However, Emily had no idea where to begin. Thankfully, Lorelai knew exactly what Emily had to do and spent the night sipping vodka with her as they talked business.
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In times like these, Emily usually overstepped her boundaries with Lorelai, but this time around, she was incredibly flattering and honest. She complimented Lorelai’s independence and commended her for never needing a man. Those words were everything to Lorelai but it was incredibly uncharacteristic for the generally cold Emily.
Richard and Emily’s relationship was loving, but very serious. The two rarely joked around or did anything spontaneous. This is why Richard’s behavior at the Bracebridge Dinner was so out of character.
He was fun-loving, giddy, and flirtatious with his wife. While on a horse-drawn carriage he even made an R-rated joke in reference to his wife’s hair! Emily was shocked by his comment and laughed because it was so unlike his personality to joke about sex.
Although Lorelai and Sookie were co-owners of the Dragonfly Inn, Lorelai pulled most of the weight and took care of all of the important decisions. The only thing Sookie cared about was the kitchen. More importantly, there was a very expensive sink that was ordered that had to be signed for by Sookie. Sookie promised Lorelai that she would be there to accept the sink, making sure it was perfect for the inn. But on the day of the sink’s delivery, Sookie made a questionable choice and never showed.
The deliverers had no option but to take the sink back. Knowing how dedicated Sookie was to this sink, it was out of character for her to miss such a delivery. What was worse was when Lorelai confronted her about it, she was indifferent about it and said “Tom could have done” it!
Luke and Lorelai’s relationship timeline is a long one. The two had known each other for years before ever embarking on a romantic relationship. But when they did, Lorelai loved him enough to ask him to marry her. Luke accepted her proposal and was excited for their life together, but too many things happened in their relationship to let their marriage come to fruition.
When the two called off their engagement, they had an awkward run-in in the middle of Stars Hollow. After a harsh exchange of words, Luke told her he was “fine” after their breakup and that she was the one “who proposed in the first place.” His words were cold and unlike the man fans knew.
Rory was not a heavy drinker while in college and would rather drink a soda than have a beer. But in a strange moment, Rory was suddenly a person who called beer a “brewski.”
While in her dorm room, Dean stopped by to drop off a bookshelf. She told him there was a big party in her building that weekend, but when Dean asked if she was planning on going, she said she was going to Stars Hollow where she’d have “a brewski there.” The idea of a normally sober Rory drinking a beer at home and calling it a brewski was totally out of character for her.
Throughout Gilmore Girls, Lorelai and Rory routinely borrowed each other’s things. They had the same sense of style and similar sizing.
However, in an episode in season 1, Lorelai let her jealousy of Rory get the best of her and she made a big deal over the fact that Rory was wearing her shirt. She told Rory that she hated it when she borrowed her things and that she stretched them out. The entire rant was unlike Lorelai and seemed petty.
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