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Disney Princesses have shifted in recent years to become strong, independent young women with their own agency. Ranker rates the best right here.
Without its Princesses, who have evolved to become some of the most iconic characters in animation history, Disney would not be the powerhouse company that it is today. These wonderful figures have inspired many individuals throughout their lives and will continue to do so for future generations.
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The greatest thing Disney has done is to make their newest Princesses more self-sufficient, moving away from the older princess trope of constantly requiring a prince to help out. This is why many of the newer Princesses are so popular: they are in control of their own lives and success.
Pocahontas, out of all the Princesses, exhibits the most wisdom throughout her film, showing that she has a lot to teach. While the movie is hugely problematic and factually inaccurate, she serves as its best point by reminding viewers about the worth and significance of everything in the world.
Many of the other Disney Princesses are very enthusiastic and fast to act, but Pocahontas is reserved. This demonstrates her calm attitude, which shows she would be a nice person to have around in stressful situations. She has affection for the world around her, making her a well-liked Princess, despite the fact that Pocahontas as a movie would never fly today.
Although they are not considered official Disney Princesses, Anna and Elsa have still managed to capture the hearts of the audience due to the strong female power that they present throughout both Frozen movies.
Both characters have spent time ruling Arendale and are perfect examples to young people of how to treat others due to how caring they are.  Anna constantly refuses to give up on Elsa despite her difficulties, emphasizing the sisters’ strong bond and the importance of family.
Merida proves her determination throughout Brave by refusing to be a traditional damsel in distress. She does not want to marry and instead sets her own course in life. It’s encouraging for viewers to see her become who she wants to be, rather than what her parents want her to be.
Merida is able to present her own accomplishment and save the day without the assistance of any Princes, which is delightful to see in the film. As Pixar’s first Disney Princess, it will be interesting to see whether they will create any other Princesses who aren’t like the others.
Tiana is one of Disney’s most underappreciated Princesses because she demonstrates what it’s like for a regular person to have to work hard to attain their aspirations, which is really inspiring to watch. Her character is highly likable, and many fans feel she is incredibly relatable throughout the film, despite the fact that she is a frog for a large part of it!
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Tiana displays what it is like to have a dream and what it takes to attain that ambition, showcasing her passion for what she believes in. Even while she’s a frog, she works hard and stays focused.
Ariel is a headstrong mermaid with a great desire for adventure that she isn’t afraid to pursue. Although Ariel should be more cautious because she frequently finds herself in trouble, she is well-liked.
When people think of classic Disney Princesses, Ariel is at the top of the list, and The Little Mermaid is loved by fans all over the world for its timeless vibe. Ariel’s journey to self-discovery is both fascinating and lovely to witness.
Mulan is inspirational because she breaks all the Disney Princess rules and defies many stereotypes when she takes her father’s place in the war. She is a strong role model for young children because she illustrates that women can achieve anything men can.
Mulan is endearing because she never gives up and proves to everyone that she is capable when she becomes a legendary warrior. She showed a lot of character growth throughout the film, which was entertaining to watch.
Jasmine is one of the best Disney Princesses and comes off as incredibly strong because she doesn’t hesitate to speak her mind. She first refuses her position as a princess in her palace because she does not believe it suits her, demonstrating her determination.
Despite the fact that Jasmine was born into a privileged lifestyle, she refuses to follow the path that her family expects her to take and instead wishes to live a normal life. She teaches the audience that it is ok to stand up for what they believe in.
Belle has a vivid imagination, which she uses to fantasize about leaving her small, simple village for a more exciting lifestyle. She is unquestionably one of the sharpest Disney Princesses, and her intelligence distinguishes her from the others.
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Belle’s best quality is that she doesn’t care what other people think of her. She is viewed as unusual in her town because of her love of reading, yet she continues to do so, which is inspiring.
There are many things to know about Disney’s Moana. She detracts from numerous Disney tropes because she does not need to be saved by a man and end up with her Prince, implying that she is independent and a strong leader. Throughout the movie, Moana battles creatures, assists friends and family, and discovers herself. She is unquestionably a role model for young children.
The audience witnesses Moana’s personal development throughout the film, from becoming who she is to learning new skills to save her island, making her story powerful and enjoyable to watch.
Rapunzel isn’t afraid of adventure, as long as it leads her where she wants to go. Despite being trapped in a tower her entire life since she was stolen as a baby, she is strong-willed and determined. She is the most charming of all the Disney Princesses because she sees the best in everyone.
From the beginning to the end of Tangled, Rapunzel radiates limitless energy and seems to be the type of person who would be enjoyable to be around. She appears to be a normal girl, not a Princess, which explains why she is so humble.
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