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Although there are many brave Disney characters, these, in particular, are some of the bravest who both inspire and encourage viewers.
When thinking about themes of bravery in animated movies, it’s impossible to ignore Disney characters. With every trial and tribulation in a Disney movie, the audience gets to meet inspiring characters that are often quite young. Disney has come a long way since its days of Princesses who only exist to be saved by a Prince in order to have a fulfilling life, and they now showcase the importance of independence and strength.
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Although many Disney characters are brave, these ones, in particular, have gone on to inspire and encourage viewers as none have done before. Whether they’re an animal, a woman, or even a snowman, these Disney characters have all made an impact, both within their movie and for the audience, in real life.
In 2012, Disney told the tale of Princess Merida in Brave. As the eldest child, Merida was supposed to follow tradition and get engaged to a suitor of her family’s choosing, but Merida had different ideas and she wasn’t ready to settle down. She dared her suitors to an archery contest and the winner would have her hand, but as an excellent archer, she beat everyone and took care of herself. What followed was an argument that turned Merida’s mother into a bear, and a mission to set herself and her mother free.
Merida was so inspirational in Brave that fans still love to cosplay her. Her strength to determine her own future without the presence of a man, and to save her mom is incredible to watch.
In 2009, Disney introduced viewers to Tiana in Princess and the Frog. From childhood to adulthood, Tiana worked multiple jobs to achieve her dream of opening her own restaurant. With her late father’s presence hanging over her, she wanted to make him proud. Luck came to her when her wealthy best friend held a masquerade to honor Prince Naveen. But when a unique spell transformed Tiana and the prince into frogs, their fate changes.
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Throughout Tiana’s life as a human and a frog, she never lost faith. She also never relied on Prince Naveen to determine her fate. Tiana always had control of her life and relied on her work ethic to reach her goals. Because of her inspiring ways, a live-action version of Princess and the Frog is on the horizon.
Tangled released in 2010 and is Disney’s version of the story of Rapunzel. In the movie, Rapunzel was kidnapped from her royal family by an evil woman (Mother Gothel) because of Rapunzel’s magical hair. Rapunzel’s hair had the ability to give eternal youth, so Mother Gothel kept Rapunzel locked away in a tower to keep her from being rescued.
Tangled has both happy and sad moments, but through all the rough patches that Rapunzel faced (abduction, being chased by antagonists, and living secluded in a tower for 16 years), she came out on top. She knew her strength and broke down barriers that others built for her to save herself, which is exactly what she did by the end of the film.
Moana tells the tale of a Pacific Islander named Moana and her tribe. As the daughter of Chief Tui, Moana always wanted to explore the world outside of her island but was never given the chance. But when an infestation threatened Moana’s home, she took it upon herself to go on a solo expedition to bring back a magical stone to save her island.
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Had it not been for Moana’s courage, it’s hard to say what would have happened to her small island. She inspired others to fight for the things they want and to never give up when times get hard. Similar to Merida, fans also love to cosplay Moana to show their love.
In The Lion King, fans watched as Mufasa and his wife Sarabi prepared their son, Simba, to one day rule Pride Rock. But when Mufasa was murdered by his brother, Scar, Scar took his place as king by pushing Simba out of the region.
Simba spent the next couple of years living in a jungle with two new friends, Timon and Pumbaa. He took that time to learn more about who he was, and he focused on grieving the loss of his dad. Simba eventually returned to Pride Rock after gaining some confidence and inspired those around him. Watching Simba fight his uncle for the kingdom gave other lions the courage to stand up for Simba in return.
Mulan is one of the bravest Disney characters, by far. As a young woman, she was expected to be a wife and a mother, but she wanted something different. After hearing that war was erupting between China and the Huns, the Chinese army needed a man from each household, and Mulan took her father’s place. Her commitment to her family made her one of the most likable characters in Mulan.
In the middle of the night, Mulan chopped off her hair, changed her name, and became a warrior with the appearance of a man. It was because of her intuition and smarts that China’s army won and succeeded. Her will to prove that women can do anything men can do is still inspirational to this day.
Dory was everyone’s favorite friend in Finding Nemo. In the Disney/Pixar film, a clownfish named Marlin went on the adventure of a lifetime when his son Nemo was taken by fishermen. While on his hunt to find Nemo, he met a fish named Dory, who quickly became his companion on the mission.
Dory was upbeat and positive, despite the fact that she had short-term memory loss and a dark backstory that left her lost, like Nemo. Despite Dory’s complexities, she inspired Marlin to “just keep swimming.” This quote ended up being just as inspirational to viewers, as it reminded viewers to be brave and to push through hard times to find greener pastures. Because of Dory’s likability, it’s hard for fans to choose which movie they like better, Finding Nemo or its sequel, Finding Dory.
2007s Ratatouille followed a rat named Remy who dreamed of following his culinary goals and becoming a chef. As a rat, he had no chance and was kicked out of the kitchen because he was a rodent. But when he befriended a Parisian boy named Alfredo, the two teamed up. Remy told Alfredo everything he had to do in the kitchen to create amazing meals, and Alfredo became a success.
As a rat, it was brave of him to fight for his dreams of becoming a chef in a human-based world. He was willing to expose himself if it meant he was able to cook side by side with Alfredo. His dedication to his dream was inspirational and it was heroic that Remy was able to cook for humans as a rat.
In the animated film Tarzan, Kala the gorilla adopted a baby human after it was abandoned in the jungle due to the death of his parents. Kala raised Tarzan despite the fact that her pack of gorillas judged her for bringing a human into their group. She had some of the best quotes in Tarzan, as she raised her baby to be confident and resilient.
Her bravery to stand up for not just her own happiness, but the happiness of her new child, was impossible to ignore. Her strength and resilience were passed down to Tarzan (and to the viewers), making her an underrated brave Disney character.
While Anna and Elsa were Frozen’s protagonists, it was Olaf who stole the show. Sisters Anna and Elsa were brave in their own way for saving their kingdom from a tainted ruler and for stepping outside their comfort zone for the betterment of their people. While on an adventure, Elsa and Anna run into a talking snowman named Olaf.
While Olaf was a magical snowman, he also taught the characters about perseverance. His positivity and imagination are what kept the dark times light. Despite being a snowman, he never waivered while trying to help Anna and Elsa save their kingdom.
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