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The MCU and Sonyverse could collide, and with Sony planning out their future properties, there’s plenty of places the characters might appear!
Venom, Venom: Let There Be Carnage and Morbius are the first three installments to the Sonyverse that the studio is trying to build based on the Spider-Man property. With the previous web-head hits and plenty of future plans for the franchise, there’s a lot of great characters being brought into the mix.
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With this Sonyverse potentially colliding with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there’s so much potential as to how these characters might crossover. Each one matches an MCU property perfectly, suggesting that this could be an even more exciting time to be a fan as the big screen gets ever closer to the source material.
Venom is currently the crowning glory of the Sonyverse with the character genuinely connecting with fans of the comics and mainstream audiences. His rivalry with Spider-Man in the source material is legendary so there’s really only one location the Symbiote should show up.
Spider-Man: No Way Home appears to be bringing the Multiverse together and therefore, it seems appropriate to infuse Venom into that mix. Whether he is friend or foe, the dynamic of Peter Parker and Eddie Brock alone is enough to draw in viewers.
Morbius is the next installment into Sony’s Marvel filmography and it appears to already have somewhat of a place in the MCU considering the appearance of Vulture in the trailer. Marvel comic book fans know that the character is hugely entrenched into Marvel Vampiric lore though.
With the MCU’s resident vampire hunter getting his own spin-off in Bladeit seems natural that this Living Vampire would be a threat at some stage. The two have crossed over countless times in the comics and would therefore be a really organic fit for the big screen.
Silk is the story of Cindy Moon, a classmate of Peter Parker who gets bitten by the very same radioactive spider. The character makes a small appearance in the MCU’s Spider-Man films but Sony is already working on a Marvel TV show surrounding the vigilante.
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Considering the alternative take on history that could have seen the spider only bite Moon though, when looking at the Marvel Cinematic Universe Silk’s story may fit well initially into What If…? as the Multiverse continues to expand; before she moves to the main Earth fans are familiar with.
Gwen Stacy is such a vital part of the Spider-Man story and has appeared in both live-action and animation in various forms on the screen. The character has a much larger role to play in the Multiverse though, suiting up as Ghost-Spider in some universes in the comics and a range of other heroes in alternative realities.
Gwenpool is another great take on the character but with so much mayhem it feels as if Stacy should be brought into Deadpool 3 as the merc with the mouth makes his own way into the MCU. The different versions of Gwen Stacy and some of her fourth-wall-breaking antics could work well within the property.
Miles Morales has yet to make his debut in the MCU but as one of the most popular iterations of the web-head, his future appearance seems like a certainty. Sony may wish to continue to capitalize on the character themselves much like with Into The Spider-Verse
But if they want to integrate Miles into the MCU (since his uncle already made an appearance) then Ms. Marvel is a perfect place to start. Miles and Kamala Khan have a beautiful relationship which is only strengthened by their commitment to fighting crime as allies within The Champions.
Silver and Black never managed to get off the ground at Sony but the studio clearly has an interest in the character of Silver Sable. A mercenary who often owns her own security firm, the character could act in a supporting role to the main antagonist. Captain America 4 feels like a natural fit.
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The world is changing and there are surely some governmental forces still resistant to Sam Wilson picking up the mantle. Silver Sable and her well-trained team might be the military solution to the crime problem that the government feels it is facing.
In regards to Silver and Black, Black Cat herself is still therefore without a role. As Sony explores avenues to portray the character Moon Knight continues to surface as one of the best options in regards to an MCU appearance. For starters, they are both considered street-level characters.
What’s more, although they may sometimes find themselves on different sides, the two have actually teamed up with the likes of the Heroes For Hire, Misty Knight, or even Shang-Chi. Black Cat’s powers have been explained as scientific in nature before, but there’s also a magical quality to her “bad luck” gifts that feel as if they mesh well with the mysticism of Moon Knight.
Madame Web sits over the Spider-Verse and watches on, much like Uatu. She has been included in plenty of stories surrounding the breakdown of realities in the comics and with the MCU heading in the same direction, Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness might be her avenue in.
The all-powerful character has been developed at Sony for many years for a solo film, but it feels like the character would work best in an ensemble. It’s rare now that Doctor Strange comes across a character more knowledgeable than he is, so Web could provide a much-needed awakening while giving answers as to the fate of the Multiverse.
Kraven the Hunter is very much under development at Sony as their next solo project, but the character could work incredibly well within the context of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever might be a good match for several reasons.
Firstly, the character has hunted the Black Panther in the comics before, obsessed with the idea that the Wakandan leader would be a major kill. Secondly, Ryan Coogler has previously revealed that he wanted to include Kraven in the initial Black Panthersuggesting narratively even the director felt the villain worked.
The Carnage Symbiote is a survivor and so no matter the events of Let There Be Carnage, it’s always likely that the monster could re-appear in the future. With the cosmic element of the Symbiotes still to explore, the MCU could provide the avenue to do so.
With Knull, the King in Black being another cosmic threat for Sony to establish, there’s only one team that should encounter Carnage. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 might just be the avenue to make that alien connection since they are Marvel’s best space squad.
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