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DUNCAN FALLS – He’s a veteran of more than two decades with the Ohio National Guard. Duty and leadership are close to his heart. So he teaches leadership at OSU. And he has a business teaching the same. 
“I believe we all have the responsibility,” said Lieutenant Colonel Charles Buchanan, “to serve those around us and those coming after us. Teaching leadership is how I serve.” 
Buchanan, now 41, grew up near Chandlersville, graduated from Philo High School in 1999, then Heidelberg College (now University) in 2003. He was a four-year letterman in football and graduated with a degree in psychology. He was also in ROTC at BGSU and was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant in the Army upon graduating. He then earned an MBA from Ohio State’s Fisher College of Business. He also participated in “some incredible military courses,” including the US Army Ranger School.
“I first enlisted into the Army Reserves in Zanesville,” he recalled. “It was the 660th Transportation Company. I had some incredible leaders in that unit who helped set me up for success in the military.”
Fifteen of his 20-plus years were on active duty with the Ohio Army National Guard. He deployed in Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan. Buchanan is still in the National Guard as a “traditional guardsman,” as he put it.
Buchanan also teaches leadership at Ohio State’s acclaimed Fisher College of Business.
“My love for sports, leadership, and the Army all came together while at OSU,” he noted. “Due to my background, I was able to partner with Hall of Fame Coach Urban Meyer. We taught a course together at OSU that became one of the most transformational courses at OSU. The course was called Leadership and Character and we challenged students to be ‘Elite Leaders of Character.’
“That opportunity,” he continued, “led to teaching with Coach Meyer again in a program called Lead Like a Buckeye. We worked with the leaders from all 36 varsity sports and helped them develop their leadership. The program is so effective it will continue even after Coach Meyer has moved onto the NFL. I will continue to have an active role in the program. Coach Meyer and I became fast friends and have worked on leadership development projects outside of OSU.” 
Buchanan’s efforts can be found at
“We built this technology,” he explained, “to provide leadership development and sell it to companies. We also do in-person and virtual leadership development programs. The ‘we’ is a group of colleagues, computer engineers, retired professors and business leaders. I’m the CEO and lead the group.”
“Charles is a very strong leader,” assessed OSU Professor Roy Lewicki. “His most positive qualities are his vision for the broad need for leadership development, his persistence in pursuing that vision in spite of obstacles, his creative ideas, his listening skills and his ability to build a team.”
“Charles is a very thoughtful, well-planned and practical leader,” agreed Dirk Lincicome, a teacher and head football coach at Philo High School. “His study of leaders and how culture is developed is something that has benefitted our program in many ways. His experiences and training have him well-equipped to assist leaders in any field.”
“You will not find anyone,” Buchanan responded, “who would say, ‘We have too many great leaders.’ So I challenge myself in every opportunity to help develop at least one more elite leader of character who’s willing to make things better. Those leaders will make a difference and develop other leaders.
“I learned hard work matters,” he summed. “And those who do the work are rewarded one way or another.”
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