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Before the Vision fans know and love today debuted, there was another version, in comics’ Golden Age, and now he is returning to the Marvel Universe.
Spoilers ahead for The Marvels #5!
Comic fans know the Vision as the android Avengers and frequent love interest of Scarlet Witch. But before him, during comics’ Golden Age, there was another Vision, and this one was just as mysterious and fantastic. Now he is returning to the Marvel Universe in a grand fashion in The Marvels #5, on sale now in print and digital.
The Marvel Universe is generally acknowledged to have begun with the publication of Fantastic Four #1 in 1961. While this is true, Marvel was no stranger to the superhero game, having published the likes of Captain America and the Sub-Mariner during the Second World War, which coincided with comics’ Golden Age. Then known as Timely Comics, the company had a whole stable of other heroes, such as the Destroyer, the Whizzer…and the Vision. Unlike the contemporary Vision, this version, whose real name is Aarkus, hails from another dimension. A lawman in his native realm, Aarkus comes to Earth to fight crime. Created by the legendary duo of Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, Aarkus’ first appeared in 1940’s Marvel Mystery Comics #13. He would appear in features for the next three years, before sliding into obscurity with the majority of Timely/Marvel’s Golden Age characters. He would make sporadic appearances over the years but now is set to make a huge impact in The Marvels #5, written by Kurt Busiek, with art by Yildiray Cinar, colors by Richard Isanove, and letters by Simon Bowland.
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In the Asian nation of Siancong, the villainous Lady Lotus has enclosed the country in a black dome, and now the heroes, including Captain America and Doctor Strange, must find a way in. Captain America says he knows someone who may be able to get them in, but he needs a special device, entrusted to the Sub-Mariner, to summon them. After obtaining the device, which resembles an urn, from Namor, Captain America, Iron Man and Storm open it. Smoke pours out, and the issue concludes with the three standing in the lair of Aarkus, the original Vision.
Captain America was seeking someone who could hopefully transport him and the rest into the dome around Siancong. Aarkus has the powers of transportation, able to travel anywhere there is smoke—making him perfect to infiltrate the dome. Aarkus also possesses the ability to create ice and extreme cold—which could also come in handy inside the dome. The question is: will Aarkus help Captain America and the rest?  Whatever is behind the dome in Siancong threatens all of reality, but will Aarkus still side with his former ally?
The lineup of Marvel characters from the Golden Age is intriguing, with characters that still exist today, and others that have faded into obscurity. Aarkus, the original Vision, is one such character, but now he has the opportunity to leap into the big time and save the world one last time.
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