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If the Muppets Haunted Mansion special is a success, there are many other iconic attractions across Disney parks that would be great to see next.
While the first attempt to adapt the legendary Haunted Mansion into a movie in 2003 was not well received, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Disney will reboot the property and release a new film starring Owen Wilson and Tiffany Haddish. However, before this new movie comes out, The Muppets will star in their own Disney+ special set at the Haunted Mansion.
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If the special is a success and Disney wants to make more similar specials in the future, there are many iconic attractions and classic rides across the various Disney parks that would make the perfect setting for a Muppets adventure. The ideal rides are ones that provide a recognizable setting, the opportunity for a large cast of colorful characters, and set up a fun and silly story.
If Disney is looking to repeat the same formula as Muppets Haunted Mansion and send the characters on another spooky adventure, then sending The Muppets for a stay at the Hollywood Tower Hotel is the obvious choice. The ride tells the story of a group of people who vanished after their elevator was struck by lightning.
The old Hollywood setting could set up some fun moments and cool celebrity cameos that fans have come to expect from The Muppets. The setup could also lead to a satire of The Twilight Zone, with one of the Muppets standing in for Rod Serling.
With a sequel to the movie already in the works and a new refurbishment to the ride, it is clear that Disney is putting a spotlight on Jungle Cruise. Because of this, it could make the perfect setting for the next Muppets special. The ride sends visitors on a boat ride through the jungle, filled with corny puns and animatronic animals.
The colorful setting and humor of the ride perfectly lend themselves to a Muppet adventure. Fozzie Bear, in particular, would be a great character to rattle off puns from the ride since they are totally in line with his standup routines.
Rock ‘N’ Roller Coaster is a fast-paced ride that sees visitors accompany Aerosmith on a madcap race through Los Angeles in a limousine as the band tries to make it to their show on time. As one of the best Disney rides for thrill-seekers, the attraction makes use of Los Angeles’ iconic landmarks and a great soundtrack to deliver a fun experience.
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Throughout their cinematic history, The Muppets have often interacted with celebrities and gone on zany road trips, making this an ideal fit for their next adventure. Watching The Muppets escort Aerosmith or some other band on a crazy ride through Los Angeles would be wildly entertaining and completely in line with their brand.
A staple of the parks since the 1980s, Star Tours is a motion simulator ride that puts visitors in the Star Wars universe on a flight that gets derailed when the Empire discovers a rebel spy onboard the spacecraft. Star Tours has an incredible storyline for a Disney ride that could easily be adapted into a special.
With projects such as Star Wars: Visions and the LEGO Star Wars specials on Disney+, Disney has shown the willingness to take some risks and have some non-canon fun with Star Wars. A crossover between The Muppets and Star Wars, in which The Muppets join R2-D2 and C-3PO on a trip gone wrong would be an absolute treat for fans.
While it is iconic, first-time visitors to the park may be surprised to find out that one of EPCOT’s best rides is hiding in plain sight. Located inside the giant golf ball-like structure, Spaceship Earth is a trip through time, exploring the history and evolution of communication throughout human history, visiting some of the most recognizable figures and moments in history.
Because the ride makes use of so many different characters, time periods, and locations, it could be the perfect setup for a series of sketches and vignettes starring The Muppets. It would also provide a natural opportunity for cameos, as each of the different historical figures could be played by a different celebrity.
Like the Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean has already been adapted into a film. The Muppets special is giving Disney the opportunity to reboot the property and reintroduce the concept to audiences before they release a new Haunted Mansion movie. It is a smart way to get audiences excited for the reboot.
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If this approach proves successful, they could repeat the formula by sending The Muppets on a swashbuckling adventure in the world of Pirates of the Caribbean. They have already proven they fit in this genre with Muppet Treasure Island and it could be a fun pallet cleanser before a reboot of the franchise.
With a distinct aesthetic and memorable theme song, It’s A Small World is one of the most iconic rides in Disney park history. It is a slow-moving boat ride through tableaus depicting various countries and cultures around the world with an optimistic emphasis on unity and togetherness.
Disney has already experimented with some crossover by adding several Disney characters into the ride. The ride would give The Muppets an opportunity to go on a globe-trotting adventure that would bring them in contact with all kinds of different characters and settings. The ride, and particularly the song, are a frequent target of jokes and The Muppets could include some of this snide, meta-commentary.
Despite being one of the most iconic rides in the parks, Space Mountain does not really have a clear storyline or characters. The ride is a space-themed indoor rollercoaster in the dark. The inability to see the track and the fun soundtrack has made it a fan favorite for years.
The Muppets have already lightly dabbled with space in Muppets From Space, but Space Mountain could give them a reason to fully travel into space. The ride provides an iconic background with a mostly blank slate that The Muppets could make their own.
Similar to the Matterhorn Bobsleds, Expedition Everest provides visitors with the opportunity to board a train car and go on an exploration of the Himalayas. However, the trip is interrupted by the mountain’s protector, the ferocious Yeti.
Watching The Muppets try to scale Mount Everest would be entertaining enough on its own, but adding in the storyline from the Disney attraction and building to an inevitable encounter with the Yeti would put the special over the top and make it a must-watch for fans.
Billed as the wildest ride in the wilderness, Big Thunder Mountain is a thrilling train ride through a cursed mountain in pursuit of gold. The ride focuses more on location than characters or story and sets up the small town and iconic mountain.
It would be fun to see The Muppets in a Western setting with some of them playing miners, townsfolk, cowboys, and outlaws. There is also the potential of a great villain role for a celebrity as Barnabas T. Bullion, the greedy president of the Big Thunder Mining Company. With a great setup and iconic backdrop, Big Thunder Mountain could easily be the inspiration for the next Muppets special.
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