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Though it’s been barely a month since its official release, Netmarble’s multiverse-spanning mobile Marvel Comics MMO just received its first major update, giving players a new mystical realm to explore, 10 more experience levels to gain, and a dread ruler of the Dark Dimension to smack down for gear and glory.
Continuing to plumb the very depths of the Marvel Universe, Future Revolution’s update introduces the Dread Dormammu, or Dormammu to his friends. Fans of the Marvel cinematic universe will recognize the name if not the face, as a version of this nearly 60-year-old comics villain appeared in 2016’s live-action Doctor Strange movie. In that film the evil ruler of the Mindless Ones was reimagined as a massive mystical force with a face. Future Revolution portrays Dormammu closer to his comic book counterpart.
Comics Dormammu is part of Marvel’s flaming head contingent, which includes several Ghost Riders and Thor villain Surtur. As one of Doctor Strange’s most powerful foes, Dormammu the god-king possesses enough magic to make him very annoying and unpredictable. Also, he’s the uncle of Doctor Strange’s comic book girlfriend, Clea, which must make family gatherings awkward.
With Dormammu comes a whole new in-game adventure zone called the Dark Domain, a portion of the mashed-together Primary Earth that’s bonded with a portion of the Dark Dimension Dormammu calls home. Characters who’ve completed the game’s story missions and reached level 100 can now continue their leveling progress all the way to 110 in this gloomy new area, culminating in a boss battle with the flaming head wizard himself.
Those who haven’t reached the game’s previous big baddie, the super-powerful, balding, bearded, and geriatric Hulk known as Maestro, can still encounter Dormammu in the game as a random boss appearing occasionally in three of the game’s lower level zones. I took my level 100 Spider-Man to battle a level 39 version of the villain in the Xandearth area, and he went down like a chump.
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With Dormammu’s new zone come new stat-enhancing Omega Cards to collect, and every playable character can collect a special Dark Dimension costume so they can dress up for a night out in Evil Magic Town. Each character can also collect pieces of a fancy new Eyes of Osiris region costume. Here’s my Spider-Man modeling the Ancient Egyptian-themed outfit.
I must admit, I was a little skeptical when my coworker Zack wrote that Marvel Future Revolution was better put together than Square Enix’s big-budget Marvel’s Avengers, but that was before I played the mobile MMO obsessively every day for a month. Mashing up bits of Marvel’s multiverse is always a good time. Plus, the speed of this update hopefully indicates that there won’t be huge gaps between new content drops like other Marvel games I could name. All we need now is a playable Black Panther and Marvel Future Revolution will be golden.

I’d recommend looking into how the community is reacting to this update, because it’s almost entirely negative. Reading through the top Reddit threads ATM should give you a good idea.

The new story chapters only allow characters to level from 100–103; the rest must be done through tons of grinding in an unbalanced PvP zone. The update also severely reduces the number of Blitz attempts per day, which is one of the easiest ways to grind resources for F2P or “small fish” players.


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