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There’s nothing centered around the rest of the team announced, but Wolverine has plenty of allies and characters he’s close to on the team.
Insomniac and Sony announcing a Wolverine game is easily one of the biggest surprises of the year. Wolverine is one of the most popular characters in the Marvel Universe, but with the X-Men rights being tied up with FOX for so long, few were expecting any developer to make a game with one of them.
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Of course, it’s hard not to think about the rest of the X-Men when a Wolverine game is mentioned. Currently, there’s nothing centered around the rest of the team announced, but Wolverine has plenty of allies and characters he’s close to on the team. If anything, it’d be weird if some of them didn’t appear.
For a time, Logan was known for picking up young teenaged mutants and working with them. Jubilee actually helped save Logan from a group of mutant hating humans.
After she saved him, she would eventually follow him around, which is hopefully something this game doesn’t do. Jubilee can defend herself a little, but it would still shackle Wolverine from taking more dangerous actions.
Ororo Munroe joined the X-Men at the exact same time Wolverine did. She was part of the second generation, and she’s worked with Wolverine for years. She’s also been the leader of the X-Men, and if Cyclops isn’t running the team in the games, it should definitely be Storm.
The character would be amazing for some cool set pieces featuring her using her powers to help Logan. The two have also had a brief romantic connection after she left Black Panther.
Professor X is the reason Logan joined the X-Men in the first place. When Logan was introduced his past was shrouded in mystery, and it was Xavier’s job to help Logan understand who he was and where he came from.
But Wolverine’s memories were filled with both fake memories and psychic traps, so Wolverine’s stay became longer than it intended to be. With him eventually believing in Xavier’s mission as much as any other member of the X-Men.
Magneto is an X-Man and has been a member of the team for ages now. The character has long evolved past his villainous roots to become someone willing to work with the X-Men so long as it means mutantkind is protected.
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But of course, Magneto is best known as a villain, so it’s entirely possible he plays a similar role in this game. Still, it would be better if he were a recently reformed character that Wolverine doesn’t know how to act around.
Introduced almost twenty years ago, Laura Kinney is the cloned daughter of Wolverine. They took the genetic material of Sarah Kinney and merged it with Wolverine’s, initially raising her to be the perfect weapon. Originally known as X-23, Laura has worked with the X-Men and Logan over the years and taken on her rightful role as a new Wolverine.
This is a character that feels the most likely to become a part of the new game, as Marvel rarely misses the opportunity to introduce characters like this.
The boy scout to Wolverine’s bad boy, Cyclops has a longer history with Logan than nearly any other character. The two have been rivals, they’ve been the best of friends, and they’ve been teammates.
They might not always like one another, but there’s always an underlying respect between the two of them. If the X-Men are included at all, Cyclops is one of the characters most likely to be the leader. He should make an appearance if only so Logan can tell him he doesn’t follow his orders.
Wolverine’s reputation as a mentor comes from his time working with Kitty Pryde. Originally just the junior member of the X-Men they tried not to bring on too many missions, Kitty would have to learn fast once she was kidnapped by a villain named Ogun.
Ogun tried to take her body and use it for his own, but Wolverine was able to help her break free of the control. Afterward, Wolverine was responsible for teaching her martial arts, making her one of the most versatile members of the team.
Colossus is another member of the X-Men that Logan actually likes—a rarity, to be sure. He was another character that joined the X-Men at the same time as Logan, and Logan watched him grow into being both a man and a warrior.
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Of course, what longtime comic book fans will remember Colossus and Wolverine for is the so-called “Fastball special”: where the tiny Wolverine curls into a ball and Colossus tosses him at the nearest threat at massive speeds. Seriously, it’s going to be hard to resist wanting to do something like this if the character makes an appearance in the game.
The fuzzy elf is easily one of Wolverine’s favorite people on the X-Men. What’s not to like? Kurt Wagner is adventurous, yet peace-loving, a balance Wolverine likely wishes he could strike as well.
The two learned to get along after numerous adventures on the X-Men together, with both of them respecting the lives they led before they joined the team. If there are any stealth sections, Nightcrawler could easily help Wolverine get into any location.
This one’s the easiest softball ever. Jean Grey’s so integral to Logan’s life it would be weird if she wasn’t brought up. Logan’s love for Jean is the ultimate “one that got away” story for a man who’s had as much success with women as Tony Stark has.
Time and again Logan has shown his love for Jean is never-ending, and even if she’s with Cyclops in the game, it would be weird not to have her at least make an appearance to remind the fans that deep down this tough guy has a heart.
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