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Marvel fans are currently debating whether Fox’s classic X-Men would win in an all-out battle with the MCU’s Avengers as seen in Age of Ultron.
Marvel fans are once again caught up in the age-old question of who wins in a fight: The Avengers or the X-Men?
The debate was sparked on social media after a Twitter user posted an image of Fox’s original leather-glad X-Men team and the Marvel Cinematic Universe‘s Avengers as seen in Age of Ultron with the prompt “Which team is clearing.” Since the original post, the argument has opened up to include every iteration of the teams, ranging from movies to comic books.
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Why waste time arguing over who would win in a fight between the Avengers and X-Men when you could read Trial of Magneto and see Magneto kick their asses.
They took Wanda’s brother, man and imaginary kids. I don’t care if the X-Men got Magneto, Wanda clearing everybody
The Fox X-Men movies fucked up so bad that y’all think this is an actual contest 😭😭
Don't play with me about the x-men. They clearing any and everybody you put against them. Their enemies are more powerful, they have better power sets, and they have better control over their powers unlike somebody's witchy fave. They clearing everybody make no mistake
Movies or comics, the outcome is the same.
Avengers win.

Anyone who thinks the X-Men have a chance isn't familiar with the insane number of god-tier Avengers.
I mean, hell, fighting gods has become pretty routine for the Avengers at this point.
While both The Avengers and The X-Men have fans avidly defending either side, the general consensus is leaning towards Marvel’s team of powerful mutants coming out on top.
Some fans have brought up the fact that the X-men and the Avengers have actually gone to war before. The 2012 crossover comic book series Avengers vs. X-Men (often abbreviated to AvX) pitted the two super teams against one another when the Phoenix Force returns to Earth, looking for Hope Summers. Upon discovering this, Captain America attempts to secure Hope but is stopped by Scott Summers, who believes her to be the mutant messiah. Scott believes Hope to be a messiah, capable of saving the mutant-kind.
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I really cannot believe the amount of people that are really saying The Avengers are clearing the X-Men. THE MF X-MEN?!?
comparing x-men to these goofballs?
Baby, Jean and storm could handle them all alone. X-Men ar it 😍
“Who wins? Avengers or X-Men?”

Who wins?? Who gives a &$%# WE HAVE JEFF!!!

Look at him!

Look at his adorable baby murder eyes, he’s a shark but we forgive him for that because he is so goddamn round, have you ever seen something so MAGICAL??? 😍❤️
It may still be some time yet before fans see The X-Men clash with The Avengers on the big screen. Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige teased that the beloved mutants will eventually make their way into the MCU; when asked about the future of Marvel’s on-screen characters during a 2019 panel, Feige said, “I didn’t even have time to talk about the Fantastic Four. I didn’t even have time to talk about mutants.”
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