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Iron Fist is one of those characters that many thinks will get a do-over in the MCU at some point. Most were, let’s say underwhelmed, by the Netflix show a few years ago. But honestly, he is one of the more popular mid-tier Marvel characters, and his first appearance has been out of reach for most collectors even in mid-grade for some time. Taking bids at Heritage Auctions today is a mid-grade CGC 6.0 copy of the said book, and it is at a very affordable price for those that just want to own it. Sitting at only $155 right now, don’t miss a chance at adding a copy of this one at a great price. Check it out below.
“Marvel Premiere #15 Iron Fist (Marvel, 1974) CGC FN 6.0 Off-white to white pages. Origin and first appearance of Iron Fist. First appearances of Harold Meachum, Yu-Ti, and Shu Hu. “Death” of Wendell and Heather Rand. Gil Kane cover and art. Overstreet 2021 FN 6.0 value = $75. CGC census 9/21: 147 in 6.0, 2985 higher. In the realm of K’un-Lun, Daniel Rand, aka Iron Fist, has finished a match of his fighting skill before his master Yu-Ti and his Dragon Kings. After the fight, Daniel asks Yu-Ti to allow him to meet the Challenge of the One. Before allowing him to do so, Yu-Ti asks Danny to think about himself and his past, and so Daniel reflects on the events that brought him to where he is now in his life.”
If I didn’t already own this issue, I would be bidding on this one: such a cool book and a great key for any Marvel collection. Go here for more info and to place a bid if you would like. While there, go ahead and look at all of the other books taking bids today.
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