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This last Saturday, Mutant Watch invited Rhayne from Carefree Black Nerd, Syl a.k.a. @lesbianjubilee , and LZ and Keenan from Another Relaunch to talk Generation X (1994), a comic that changed the landscape of mutants in Marvel, by bringing goth design & 90s looks, a diverse and non-passing team of mutants, and family drama in the core of it.
We went through each of the characters’ background and representation, the grounded and surreal ways of approaching their traumas, why Jubilee could be a lesbian and Angelo could be gay (and the book would be better for it), and other cans of worms, inter-dimensional beings, vampires and more. Rhayne also presents his Generation X-centered project Smells Like Teen Mutants, which we can’t recommend more. Watch the whole discussion bellow!

I’m a writer, musician, collagist, and more generally a very nerd grrrl. Some of my favorite comics are New Mutants, Jem and the Holograms, Snotgirl and Monstress. I have also been published in different poetry books, anthologies and zines, and with a short story in ‘99% Chance of Magic: Stories of Strength and Hope for Transgender Kids’. You can follow and contact me at @dunahaller on Instagram and Facebook.
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