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Following its success as a breakout hit of the Summer, we’re excited to announce that Scarlet Nexus is now available with Xbox Game Pass on PC, Console, and Cloud starting today, September 30!
In this action RPG, you’ll be navigating a highly futuristic, high-tech world terrorized by deranged, alien mutants known as the Others, who are vulnerable to psionic attacks. Fortunately, the world has entered a new era where psionic hormones in the human brain can sometimes grant select people with psionic abilities. As a psionically-gifted member of the Other Suppression Force (OSF), you can use psychokinetic powers to defend humanity against the Others and unlock the mysteries that surround you.
You can choose to play as either of Scarlet Nexus’ two protagonists: Yuito Sumeragi and Kasane Randall. Each character has different strengths, allies, and playstyles. Utilize Kasane’s stronger psychokinesis and daggers to hit more Others mid-range, or use Yuito’s sword to deal more damage in close-quarters combat.
Through Yuito and Kasane’s storylines, get the perspectives of both characters and reveal the full story. Deepen your bonds with your comrades to borrow their psionic powers through the Struggle Arms System (SAS) and grow your abilities in battle to become a formidable force against the Others.
Scarlet Nexus’ stunning anime and science-fiction-inspired new-gen visuals can be enjoyed in stunning 4K resolution and smooth 60 fps to give you a gaming experience that’s optimized for Xbox Series X|S. With Xbox Smart Delivery, you’ll be able to seamlessly play the best version of the game on your Xbox console.
Can’t get enough of Scarlet Nexus with Xbox Game Pass? You’ll be able to get expand your experience with the Scarlet Nexus Season Pass — coming soon this Fall! Get new costumes, weapons, and bond episodes to build closer connections with your team.
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