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The MCU’s new threat from What If…? is known as Infinity Ultron, though there are still a few Marvel characters who could take out the evil villain.
The Marvel Cinematic Universe‘s exploration of the multiverse began with series like WandaVision and Loki, though it’s the animated What If…? that has introduced a few new twists on popular cinematic heroes and villains. One of the biggest threats explored by What If…? has been the introduction of the incredibly powerful Infinity Ultron.
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Infinity Ultron comes from a reality where the robotic villain won his battles against the Avengers and took on his new body that was used by Vision in the mainstream MCU. He also gathered the Infinity Stones and achieved cosmic awareness which threatens to destroy the MCU multiverse. However, there are still a few Marvel comic characters that could defeat the powerful new enemy.
The last surviving members of the Avengers in Infinity Ultron’s universe were Black Widow and Hawkeye, who launched a final mission to find a secret weapon against the increasingly powerful villain. That secret weapon was a backup copy of the mad scientist known as Arnim Zola, who was able to transfer his consciousness into a digital form.
This enabled him to hack into computer systems using his archaic technology that Ultron’s advanced systems were unable to defend against. While Zola wasn’t initially able to hack into Ultron’s central systems, it’s likely that with close proximity, Zola could take over Ultron, though that could result in another threat entirely.
The MCU has yet to officially debut any of Marvel’s mutants, which could introduce quite a few different power sets that could threaten the powerful Infinity Ultron. While Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat is susceptible to the powers of the Infinity Stones like most other heroes, her mutant phasing ability and telepathic defenses could allow for a single attack that could do major damage.
Pryde’s phasing does incredible damage to electronic systems and can disrupt most computer programs as well, which her advanced hacking skills could then finish off if given the chance. It’s a small hope at success, but that’s when Kitty Pryde is usually at her best.
Another mutant with a unique ability that could potentially stop Infinity Ultron is Douglas Ramsey/Cypher, whose gift allows him to understand any language, which includes electronic language like binary and machine code. Cypher has been able to communicate with the internet and unlock alien languages hidden within technology that has helped save the day many times.
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It’s possible that Cypher would be able to break through Ultron’s programming by communicating with his machine code, and he could even find a way to communicate with and befriend the sentience inside the Infinity Stones that was responsible for Ultron’s creation in the first place, provided he was able to survive Infinity Ultron’s other powerful abilities.
Cypher was able to communicate and befriend the alien mutant named Warlock, who was an exiled member of the alien Technarchy who were infected with the transmode virus. This virus allowed them to infect and control both organic and inorganic material, which allowed the offshoots known as the Phalanx to spread across the galaxy.
Ultron once bonded with the Phalanx to threaten the galaxy during Annihilation: Conquest, which saw the robotic villain take over the powerful body of Adam Warlock. The technarch Warlock and son Tyro were able to use the transmode virus to separate Ultron from his new body before helping to destroy his armies, which could see a similar outcome when dealing with Infinity Ultron.
The Marvel Universe once found itself equally threatened by an entire reality that had managed to escape Death, though that led to its takeover by powerful eldritch horrors known as the Many-Angled Ones that earned the name of the Cancerverse.
Not only were Marvel’s heroes and villains controlled and empowered by demonic energies, but the Many-Angled Ones have shown that they can take on other incredibly powerful characters like Thanos and Captain Marvel. Even trapping Infinity Ultron within the Cancerverse would be enough as his drive to exterminate life would prove fruitless in a reality unaffected by Death.
The mutant known as Box is Madison Jeffries, a powerful psionic technopath and telekinetic transmutator who can not only communicate with technology but can also molecularly restructure inorganic components into anything he chooses. This usually allows him to create powerful suits of armor that he can then project his consciousness into during battle.
However, he could use his abilities to reform Infinity Ultron’s body into a cube or a new form of his Box armor. Jeffries could even project his astral consciousness into Ultron’s powerful form so he could take control of the Infinity Stones and stop his multiversal rampage.
Two powerful mutants who are ingrained into the legacy of the X-Men are Cable and Nate Grey, the sons of Cyclops and Jean Grey (Madelyne Summers in Cable’s case) who were raised in a war-torn future and a war-torn alternate reality, respectively. Cable was infected with a techno-organic virus as a baby, and he uses his incredibly powerful telekinetics to keep at bay.
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Nate Grey’s unfettered abilities have allowed him to create entire realities of his own. Cable could use his time-travel abilities to stay ahead of Infinity Ultron while infecting him with the T/O Virus to take control while Nate Grey could use his potentially omega-level abilities as a mutant shaman to fight Infinity Ultron’s powerful abilities with his own reality-warping powers.
While he has currently lost most of his incredible power, Franklin Richards of the Fantastic Four has access to cosmic reality-altering abilities that once saw him recreate the entire multiverse following the events of Secret Wars. An older version of the character with full control of his incredible abilities also appeared to help guide his younger self.
This version was shown to be so powerful he had turned the World Devourer Galactus into his very own herald. If Franklin Richards had access to his full supply of powers, there isn’t much in the multiverse that could stop him, including Infinity Ultron.
Even the powerful entropic entity known as the Greiver at the End of All Things has proven to be afraid of Franklin Richards’ powers, though she has showcased her own power levels a couple of times in battle against the assembled heroes of the Marvel Universe.
The Griever has fulfilled a similar role as Infinity Ultron in her few comic appearances, as she lives to bring about the death of the various realities that were originally created by Franklin Richards. This could mean that she could stand up to Infinity Ultron and potentially defeat them, though it’s also possible she would ally herself with him to bring about the end of the multiverse.
While the Avenger known as Vision didn’t exist in infinity Ultron’s reality, the existence of the multiverse means there are a number of other Visions that were created. And given the ease with which Infinity Ultron took out Thanos prior to collecting the rest of the Infinity Stones, it’s possible there is an equally powerful Vision out there.
A Vision who not only survived the events of Avengers: Infinity War but also was able to control the Infinity Stones for himself. This could set up another match-up between Vision and his creator Ultron that could end the same way as it did in Avengers: Age of Ultron, with Vision taking the win and saving the day.
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