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D3 Go! and Demiurge Studios announced today that Marvel Puzzle Quest, their match-three superhero game, is celebrating its eighth anniversary. A new character, as well as a PvP season featuring a brand new PvP event, will be added to the game to commemorate the game’s anniversary.
Marvel Puzzle Quest is the first match-three superhero game available on mobile devices and Steam. As your favorite Marvel comics superheroes come to life in this RPG with the distinctive match-three puzzle twist, you may compete with a community of over 20 million players worldwide.
Blob (Modern), a former circus performer who defected to the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, is this year’s newest addition to the Marvel Puzzle Quest character roster. Despite displaying a calm personality before a fight, Blob is the ultimate tank with strong, resilient skin and control over his own flesh, allowing him to absorb almost anything.
Season 8 of the game will be released in conjunction with the game’s new anniversary. Season 8 is devoted entirely to the PvP mode, with players able to participate in a plethora of events devoted to this mode of play, as well as the arrival of the characters Devil Dinosaur and Taskmaster on October 7th. You’ll also see the return of the famous “Deadpool’s Nightly Games” event and a daily challenge beginning on October 7th.
Furthermore, later this season, Blob-exclusive events will be added, as well as a new PvP event featuring Peggy Carter (Captain America) and The Hydra Stomper (Steve Rogers).
Marvel Puzzle Quest is available now for free on Android, iOS devices, and PC via Steam.
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