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Bryan Andrews, director of Marvel’s animated show What If…?, recently revealed that Star-Lord T’Challa was supposed to have his own spinoff series.
Warning: Contains light SPOILERS for Marvel’s What if…? episode 9.
According to a new report, Marvel’s What If…? Star-Lord T’Challa was supposed to have his own spinoff series. Marvel’s first animated show, What If…? wrapped up its first season on October 6th. The series explores the MCU’s recently opened multiverse and follows fan-favorite Marvel characters as they navigate through alternate timelines. Over 50 Marvel actors reprised their original roles for What If…?, including Karen Gillan as Nebula, Chris Hemsworth as Thor, and the late Chadwick Boseman as King T’Challa.
Episode 2 of What If…? centered around an alternate timeline where, instead of becoming the king of Wakanda, T’Challa was captured by Yondu in place of Peter Quill. In the story, T’Challa, a.k.a Star-Lord, inspires the Ravagers to use their strength for good. The team finds themselves face-to-face with a more powerful version of the Collector when they try to steal the Embers of Genesis, a nutrient-rich cosmic dust that can revive planets and feed billions of people. Ultimately, the team saves the day, and T’Challa is reunited with his Wakandan family. The role was Boseman’s final recorded performance, which the show honored with a sweet tribute at the end of the episode.
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While speaking with Variety, director Bryan Andrews revealed that episode 2 of What If…? wasn’t supposed to be T’Challa’s only time playing Star-Lord. According to Andrews and head writer A.C. Bradley, an entire T’Challa Star-Lord spinoff series was in the works. Andrews’ full quote can be read below:
“There was planning to have Star Lord T’Challa spin off into his own show. We were all very excited. We know [Chadwick] would have loved it, too.”
Season 2 of What If...? is already well into production, with Andrews and Bradley hinting that fans of the show can expect to see some returning characters. One of the series’ biggest cliffhangers came after episode 1, where Agent Peggy Carter takes the Super Solider Serum instead of Steve Rogers, becoming Captain Carter. At the end of the episode, Peggy finds herself face-to-face with Nick Fury and Hawkeye 80 years after her battle with Hydra. While fans initially weren’t sure if Captain Carter’s story would continue, the What If…? season 1 finale’s post-credits scene revealed that she might just make another appearance in the show’s future.
What If…? season 2 probably won’t be arriving on Disney+ for another year or so, but fans of the MCU have plenty to look forward to in the meantime. Marvel’s Eternals hits theaters next month, the next big cinematic installment in the MCU’s Phase 4. The highly anticipated Spider-Man: No Way Home also arrives later this year, with fans excited to see how the MCU will continue to explore the multiverse. It’s heartbreaking to think of the MCU’s future without Boseman’s widely-loved portrayal of T’Challa, and it’ll be interesting to see how Black Panther: Wakanda Forever will honor the actor and his memory. But while audiences may not have been able to see T’Challa Star-Lord on-screen for an entire series, there are still limitless possibilities as to where Marvel’s What If…? can go.
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Source: Variety
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