'Shang-Chi' actor Dallas Liu wants his character to become Iceman in the MCU – Yahoo News

Dallas Liu plays Ruihua in "Shang-Chi," the younger brother of Awkwafina's Katy.
Mutants and the X-Men are rumored to be introduced in the near future of the MCU.
Liu hopes his small role could blossom into something bigger and would love to play Iceman.
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Dallas Liu is hoping that his brief role in "Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings" could eventually escalate into something bigger in the future of the ever-growing MCU.
Liu appeared in the latest Marvel flick as Ruihua, the younger brother of Awkwafina's Katy. Ruihua has a few lines in his single scene, which takes place at Katy's grandma's with Shang-Chi present.
The role is small, but Liu hopes that this role could transcend into something more impactful.
"With Marvel, even like the smallest characters, the smallest cameos, can somehow have a huge impact. And obviously, that's what I'm hoping for in the future," Liu said.
And Liu has his eye on a particular X-Men role character: Iceman.
"So Quicksilver would be my first choice, but they've already introduced him into the MCU. So I think it would be cool to play Iceman. He would be first on my list," Liu said.
In the comics, Iceman's real name is Bobby Drake. However, with rumors that mutants will be introduced in the near-future of the MCU, maybe even in "Eternals," any number of background characters in previous MCU movies could now theoretically become a mutant.
Iceman was previously played by Shawn Ashmore, who portrayed the comic book character in the original "X-Men" movie trilogy, plus 2014's "X-Men: Days of Future Past."
While that version of Iceman shared an onscreen romance with Anna Paquin's Rogue, Bobby Drake is actually gay in the comics and had an entire storyline about coming to terms with his sexuality. Liu said that he would "welcome" this diversity in the MCU and feels like "anything is possible," although he said he's aware that the idea of a gay superhero would not please everyone.
"I feel like where the world is mentally right now, it is possible. We've established an Asian superhero in 'Shang-Chi' and with the 'Eternals,' that cast is extremely diverse. I feel like the opportunities are endless and who knows what could happen in the future," Liu said.
Liu told Insider about his affirming experience on the set of "Shang-Chi," in which Awkwafina offered him advice and assured him there is a place for him in the film industry after he had been having doubts about his future.
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