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By 06 October 2021
Who is coming to the MCU for Christmas?
While fans are still a couple of years away from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, we are just about a year away before we can spend the holidays with them. Announced in December 2020 at Disney Investors Day, The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special is set to take place between Thor: Love and Thunder and the third Guardians movie. While there isn’t much else known about it, director James Gunn did tease about what’s to come and fans are already throwing out theories.
James Gunn responded to a fan on Twitter who asked if there will be any new characters introduced in the holiday special. Not one to beat around the bush, Gunn merely previewed that a major MCU character will be introduced and it’s arguably “one of the greatest” of all time:
In my incredibly subjective & admittedly often odd opinion, we’ll be introducing one of the greatest MCU characters of all time. #GotGHolidaySpecial 2, 2021
Following the response, fans were quick to share their thoughts on just who could be paying the Guardians a visit for the first time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. One theory that is getting quite the attention suggests that Father Christmas is coming to the MCU. Honestly, if Santa Claus were to fight with, or against, the Guardians it would be my favorite thing ever:
omg santa?October 2, 2021
Some fans are hoping to see more of Adam Warlock, the Sovereign created by Ayesha to help destroy the Guardians of the Galaxy. Fans only got a taste of him in the end credits scene in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and while James Gunn said they’ll be introducing this character to the MCU, Adam hasn’t been seen much in the franchise so it’s possible:
joel kinnaman as adam warlock ?? 2, 2021
A few are hoping to finally see the former Prince Gofern of Laxidazia, aka Pip the Troll, in the MCU. Although Pip isn’t exactly the most popular and hasn’t appeared in a Marvel Comic since 2011, he does seem to have made an impact on fans who would love nothing more than to see him in live action and with the Guardians of the Galaxy:
Finally, the long awaited arrival of Pip the Troll in the MCU 2, 2021
Most fans, however, are hoping to see Santa Claus make an appearance for the holiday season. Kris Kringle is actually part of the Marvel universe, in the comics, at least, as he was a mutant in the 2009 Marvel Holiday Spectacular issue. It would only make sense but since the Guardians special is so far away, we may not know for a while:
I guarantee we’re getting the omega level mutant Santa Claus: 2, 2021
It will be interesting to see just who exactly will be officially introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Could it be the one and only Santa Claus or will it be a fan-favorite character from the comics? Find out when The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special drops on Disney+ in December 2022!
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