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There’s always rumors about Daredevil returning to the screen, but if that happens some of the character’s supporting players should also be featured!
Daredevil is arguably the most successful show that Marvel created for Netflix. Now that the rights have fully reverted back to the Walt Disney Company, there are rumors circulating that Marvel Studios might be interested in reviving the show in some capacity.
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Fans would be thrilled to see Matt Murdock back on screen, and although Daredevil’s own appearance would of course be certain in a spinoff show, there’s a number of supporting characters who also ought to be featured. Whether they are longterm allies or continuing antagonists, these characters would elevate a series revival and could maintain continuity.
Foggy Nelson had some great moments in the Netflix Daredevil series and has always been a valuable ally to Matt Murdock. Although he continues to question some of Matt’s actions, he is a loyal friend and a vital part of Daredevil throughout the entirety of the series.
Foggy is also a partner to Matt in their shared law firm, an aspect of the show that would have to be carried over to the Disney+ continuation. Ultimately, having a series about Murdoch without his best friend and confidant would be a disservice to everything previously created.
Season 3 was perhaps more complex than most for the character, with the Daredevil series boasting a number of cliffhangers including the unknown fate of Elektra Natchios. She is presumed dead, but considering Matt was always supposed to die during the events of The Defenders, anything is possible.
Elektra has cheated death before, and as both a violent antihero and a love interest for Matt Murdock, the two stories are forever intertwined. The assassin still has a lot more story to tell, and it would be great to see her added to the ranks of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Wilson Fisk is Daredevil’s most dangerous enemy. As the antagonist of seasons 1 and 3 of the Netflix series, Kingpin has a great deal of shared history with DD. What’s more, there’s perhaps no more intimidating threat on TV than the Kingpin of Crime.
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Both a physical threat and a tactical genius, Fisk always seems to be one step ahead of his enemies. His tragic backstory has given Kingpin additional layers, with the character surely high up on Marvel Studios’ list when looking at villains to bring to the MCU.
Some of the best episodes of Daredevil season 3 featured Benajmin Poindexter’s slow transition into the villain known as Bullseye. The character never got a full arc, though, as his costumed debut was likely being saved for season 4, which was canceled before being developed.
Fans want to know exactly what’s happening with Bullseye. What’s more, he is a perfect antagonist to bring to Disney+. The assassin has boasted a number of truly intriguing comic book storylines, and there’s so much potential for Poindexter in the future.
Karen Page perhaps isn’t one of the most well-liked characters of the series, but season 3 continued her story and finally revealed some vital information to audiences. A reason why Daredevil season 3 is better than season 1 is because of Karen’s redemption and her acceptance of Matt’s double life.
Karen was a big part of the Netflix Marvel Universe overall, also becoming connected to Frank Castle. Her absence from a Disney+ spinoff would conspicuous, as her researcher skills alone help out Daredevil in so many ways. She’s a vital member of the team and a good friend.
The Punisher got his start in the Netflix Universe through Daredevil. He possessed a vastly different ideology from what Matt Murdock was used to, operating in the field as judge, jury and executioner. His own show continued to explore these dark themes.
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The Punisher might not get a show on Disney+ anytime soon considering it would have to be R-rated, something Marvel Studios clearly doesn’t want to commit to at this time. Perhaps there’s a role for Castle within Daredevil, though.
The Hand has been a thorn in Daredevil’s side for quite some time, and although it appears they have been dispatched of for now, there’s always the possibility they will arise once more.
Few are clamoring for the Hand to be the big bad of another season of the show, but the organization is definitely a great addition and could help to flesh out the MCU. The group always provides breathtaking action sequences as well, so fans might be a little disappointed if they are omitted from the rumored spinoff completely.
Leland Owlsley was a villain in season 1 of Daredevil who worked alongside some of the other crime lords in Hell’s Kitchen. In the comics, Owlsey becomes the costumed antagonist The Owl, but this transition never took place in the show as he was killed.
The character made mention that he had a son, Lee Owlsley, who no doubt wants revenge for his father’s death. C-list villains are always welcome in the MCU. so a new Owl could emerge in the form of Lee, an original character for Disney+ with ties to the original production.
Melvin Potter was misunderstood and manipulated. As one of the best characters in Daredevilhe really only wanted to protect those he loved in life. When he came to blows with Matt Murdock, he usually did so out of desperation.
In the comics, Potter suits up as the criminal Gladiator, something that was teased in the show. Since Daredevil finished with Melvin being taken into custody, there’s no telling how his circumstances might affect him in the future. The man who returns to the streets might be quite different. The Disney+ show could explore that.
A talented healer and an ally to vigilantes in New York, Claire Temple is the glue that holds the Netflix shows together. She has an arc in almost all of the series and feels a lot like the Night Nurse character in the traditional Marvel Comics.
If Marvel Studios want to continue Daredevil in some way, it needs to bring back Claire Temple. When there’s nowhere else left to turn, Temple is there at the ready, putting herself in danger to protect those defending the innocent. She’s a beloved character and would be a crucial part of a new Daredevil series.
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