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The Avengers comics have plenty of unforgettable romantic relationships that stand as the very definition of what a power couple should be.
The Avengers are one of Marvel Comics’ flagship teams. They have a rich history that spans almost sixty years of continuity and have starred in some of the most unforgettable storylines in American comic books. The team includes a who’s who of Marvel heroes, many of whom have started romantic relationships with each other.
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Earth’s mightiest heroes might be famous for their heroic exploits, but their romantic lives are also vital for the comic book’s popularity. Indeed, the Avengers have some of the most iconic couples in Marvel comics, and these romances have become fan favorites among the fandom.
One of the most random unions in Marvel comics ended up being surprisingly charming. At first glance, the affair between Thor and She-Hulk would seem like one of the strangest romances in Avengers comics. However, their union makes a lot more sense than anyone realizes.
These two connect during the Empyre crossover and become an official couple after spending some time in will-they-won’t-they land. The two share a theatrical kiss in the middle of a battle and share a charming date in the Savage Lands. Empyre is a very intense storyline, so it makes sense that these two found common ground over their shared trauma.
Most fans might know Quicksilver as one of the most powerful members of Magneto’s Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. However, Marvel’s most famous speedster has spent considerable time among Earth’s mightiest, cementing his place as a bonafide hero.
Quicksilver and the Inhuman Crystal meet when he suffers severe injuries after the Avengers fight the Sentinels. After a very brief courtship, they marry in a wedding attended by a who’s who of Marvel superheroes and have a daughter, Luna. Their relationship goes through plenty of ups and downs, and they end up separating. However, during their heyday, they were a romance for the ages.
Mainstream audiences will meet Dane Whitman and Sersi when the upcoming film Eternals premieres in November, but comic book fans are well aware of the Black Knight and the other Eternals.
Like many other Marvel couples, Dane and Sersi’s story is tragic and convoluted. She has an unfinished connection to fellow Eternal Ikaris, and he shares an intense attraction for the Inhuman, Crystal. Things are further complicated when she begins suffering from mental illness, causing Dane to stay with her out of duty and not true love. They leave for voluntary exile but eventually return to the team, albeit separately.
Even though he’s the least impressive Avenger in the MCU, Hawkeye gets more respect in the comics. He and fellow teammate Mockingbird formed one of the Avenger’s landmark marriages for years. Their relationship is infamously tragic, and the two have been through hell and back. At one point, he even believes she dies and mourns her death.
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Eventually, the trauma gets too intense, and the two get divorced. However, Clint and Bobbi start dating again after Norman Osborn’s Dark Reign. Their relationship is again in jeopardy when he develops feelings for Spider-Woman, proving that Marvel writers refuse to give these two a happy ending.
Quicksilver’s sister, the Scarlet Witch, has the most dramatic life in Avengers comics. Her relationships with Vision and Wonder Man make up one of the best love triangles in comic books, and while most fans will always prefer her with the robot, Wonder Man was a worthy suitor.
Indeed, Wanda and Simon share a one-of-a-kind love story. Because he is a human, he’s more stable and emotional than the Vision, meaning he provides Wanda with many things she never had with the robot. However, Wonder Man dies a lot and spends considerable time away from Wanda. He always comes back, though, even he always ends up being second-best in Wanda’s heart.
Wolverine has a rich romantic life in the comics. Most fans might know about his lingering attraction for Jean Grey or his intense romance with Storm, both of which rank as some of the best relationships in X-Men comics. However, his affair with Hercules is one of the most intriguing pairings in Marvel comics. It may happen in an alternate universe, but that doesn’t make it any less impressive.
Indeed, Hercules and Howlett–Wolverine’s name in this alternate timeline–are a formidable couple. They go through hell and back for their love, literally speaking, since Zeus sends them to Tartarus after discovering their relationship. Hercules and Wolverine are one of Marvel’s greatest couples, and their story is intense enough to remain popular.
The Black Widow and Hawkeye shared one of Marvel’s most unforgettable love affairs. He was one of the main reasons behind her defection from the Soviet Union, and his love for her made him go straight and seek membership with the Avengers.
Alas, all good things come to an end, and the two eventually part ways somewhat amicably. The MCU wisely chose to keep their relationship platonic, giving fans a rare instance of a pure and meaningful male-female friendship on-screen. Still, at least in the comics, these two will always be tied thanks to their love affair.
Hank Pym and Janet van Dyne are founding members of the Avengers. For years, they were the team’s de-facto power couple, a marriage so iconic they gave Mr. and Mrs. Fantastic a run for their money for the title of Marvel’s ultimate husband and wife duo.
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Things for the characters went south when an Avengers comic depicted Pym hitting Janet. His character became stained and never quite recovered in the public’s eyes. Sometime later, the marriage disintegrated, and Janet went on to date Tony Stark. Still, Hank and Janet will always hold a privileged place as one of the Silver Age’s most iconic couples.
Hulkling and Wiccan, arguably the most popular LGBTQ+ couple in American comic books, are also one of Marvel’s few stable couples. They are also two of the most powerful members of the Young Avengers, confirming their standing in Earth 616. Despite their troubled backgrounds, Billy and Teddy found solace in each other, forming a bond that remains unmatched in Marvel’s continuity.
Recently, the two got married in a lavish wedding, a landmark moment for representation in comic books. Despite the troubles that will surely come their way, the future looks bright for these two Young Avengers, and fans are confident the couple will overcome any obstacle.
In the pantheon of tragic romances, the love affair between the Scarlet Witch and Vision has a place of honor. These two are the very definition of “tragic;” their relationship has been through countless ups and downs, surviving multiple Earth-threatening menaces, breakdowns, and even death.
Wanda and Vision have plenty of iconic storylines in the comics that delve into their unique bond. Not everyone can understand their connection, but that only increases their appeal. Like most great love stories, theirs is honest yet troubled, heartfelt yet chaotic, and, perhaps, ultimately impossible.
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