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The X-Men’s Magik is more like Batman than anyone would think – and she proved the point when she passed on a lesson he’d have been proud of.
The X-Men‘s Magik wants to be their version of Batman. Illyana Rasputin is renowned as one of the X-Men’s most powerful teleporters, but in truth, she is far more than that. She was kidnapped as a child by the Hell Lord Belasco, who trained her to be a sorceress of prodigious talent, and she’s even beaten Doctor Strange in magical battles. She’s truly a force to be reckoned with… so much so that the X-Men’s leader Cyclops is ridiculously afraid of her. He once needed no less than 15 X-Men waiting in the wings during a confrontation with her, including at least three who have since been confirmed to be Omega level mutants.
Amusingly, as terrifying as Magik might be, she’s also been a teacher for quite some time. Cyclops actually recruited her to help run his school for mutants at one point, and she even taught the time-traveling original X-Men when they were transported to the present day. More recently, Doctor Strange hired her as one of the mentors in Doctor Strange’s Strange Academy. Suffice to say you don’t want to get on Magik’s bad side – when one student irritated her, she transported them to Limbo for punishment.
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During the X-Men/Guardians of the Galaxy team-up “Black Vortex” event, Magik revealed she has something of a Batman streak. She teleported to the Jean Grey School in order to recruit backup, and was singularly unimpressed with Iceman’s banter, instructing him to remember her teachings. “What did we say about your attitude, Iceman,” she asked him. “‘Be the terror you wish to see in the world,’” Iceman recited back – a line so perfect it could have been said by Batman.
Amusingly, the comparison between Magik and Batman actually works rather well. Both have suffered trauma, and as a result carry themselves as though they don’t need anyone around them – acting as though they prefer to operate individually, even though they can’t help working in teams, and have a habit of building family units (including Batman’s Bat-Family) around themselves. They both keep secrets from those around them, offering precious little trust, with Magik once risking destroying the entire universe when she sought war with the monstrous Elder Gods. And both have a habit of picking up students to teach – in spite of their own character flaws.
The key difference, of course, is the sphere the two operate in. Batman is a vigilante who has trained to peak human levels, a master of so countless skills that help him serve as the world’s greatest crimefighter. Magik, in contrast, is a sorceress who wields incalculable power. Hopefully one day Marvel and DC will agree to do a team-up, and give these two characters the chance to work together.
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