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Some of the X-Men’s best comic book adventures get scary, but what are the best Halloween stories featuring the X-Men?
The X-Men have been involved in some scary adventures in Marvel Comics, but there are a few X-Men and X-related comic book titles that actually deal with Halloween on some level. Some of them are pure classics, while others are pretty obscure and might be worth searching out for fans of the mutants or comic books in general.
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Costumed heroes and villains make a lot of sense for Halloween stories, but a lot of the themed adventures for the team revolve around more subtle and esoteric concerns. Others are pretty obvious in their intent, featuring classic horror icons like Frankenstein’s monster or zombie versions of the heroes.
Some of the X-Men’s best comic book stories get scary, but the X-Men Halloween Special Edition #1 from 1993 goes for a direct connection to the holiday. Despite its title, the comic is really only tangentially related to Halloween. It features a number of reprints, including a reprint of a Wolverine story from Marvel Comics Presents #89, in which Logan faces the supervillain Cyber. The story and the fantastic art by Sam Kieth are certainly spooky, with dark heavy lines and lots of shadows creating menacing visages of Wolverine.
Marvel Zombies Halloween #1 is another Halloween-related special issue that is much more linked to the horror vibe of the holiday. This issue takes place in the horrible alternate reality where a zombie virus has infected everyone on Earth. One of the most powerful variants of Kitty Pryde tries to hold out against the zombie horde with her young son, Peter. They go on the run from zombie versions of other characters and it’s as grim and dark as the rest of the entries in the series, though this one ends on a surprisingly hopeful note.
The Vision and the Scarlet Witch #1 features longtime X-Men villain, past and present, Wanda Maximoff trying to live a simple life with her husband, Vision. After moving to the suburbs, they go trick or treating on Halloween. This comic is one of many that inspired WandaVision many years later and features some great Easter eggs, including a kid in a Spider-Man costume. Wanda haunts the X-Men and mutants in many ways thanks to her actions in House of M, and this comic is a crucial piece of understanding how she got there.
In Hawkeye vs. Deadpool #0, the mutant Deadpool finds himself facing Hawkeye on Halloween night. The two unlikely allies have to team up to help save the world from a deadly plague that also involves the Black Cat.
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Though Halloween is only the backdrop for this story, it features a lot of gory fun thanks to Deadpool’s mutant ability to regenerate. It also features the familiar offbeat brand of humor connected with the irreverent character.
“The Most Wonderful Time of Year” a story from X-Men Unlimited #1 features Cyclops and Emma Frost chaperoning a young mutant on Halloween. He goes trick-or-treating with other kids in New York City, which is the only night he can hang out with other kids because of his unique appearance. The story takes a dark turn when he has to rescue a girl who has been kidnapped, but overall it’s a sweet story that focuses on the often challenging aspect of being a mutant in a world that values monsters in fiction but not in reality.
X-Men Power Pack #1 features the kid team attending the Halloween Spook-Tacular costume party in which the characters dress up as classic characters including Wolverine. Wolverine actually shows up in the story, on the hunt for Sabretooth. The story takes a scary turn as the two enemies clash in the woods at night, but the slightly anime-style art by Gurihiru keeps things light. The issue ends with Wolverine victorious and joining the party with the rest of the Power kids and praising them for their costumes.
“All Hallow’s Eve” from the second The Vision And The Scarlet Witch mini-series in 1986 returns Wanda and Vision to Halloween. This story also contains WandaVision Easter eggs in the form of Glamor and Illusion, characters whose names would be lent to the main characters in the streaming series. Wanda’s experiments with magic on Halloween get her pulled into an alternate dimension, where she meets the ghost of Agatha Harkness, now a big part of the MCU and one of the most powerful magicians in Marvel Comics.
X-Men: First Class Giant-Size Special  #1 features a number of scary stories, including “Invasion of the Bobby Snatchers,” which deals with a slightly horror-related theme. The X-Men find out that the people in a small town are all being replaced by a plant-like creature that reproduces facsimiles of the people it consumes.
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The play on Invasion of the Body Snatchers is obvious, and the issue has some interesting ideas that, looking back, were prescient about what is happening with the X-Men today on the living island of Krakoa.
“All Hallows Eve” is also the title of Generation X #22, a 1996 comic book where Emma Frost and Banshee join the Generation X team in celebrating Halloween. This story also comments on the ability of mutants, in this case, Artie and Leech, to go out on Halloween when their appearance is less circumspect. The story features the intrusion of Nightmare, one of Doctor Strange’s most powerful villains, as he tries to get Emma Frost to help him defeat a psychic threat to his strange dream dimension.
X-Men #40, written by Roy Thomas and Don Heck, features one of the greatest Halloween icons of all time: Frankenstein’s monster. The original five X-Men — Cyclops, Jean Grey, Angel, Beast and Iceman — discover that the monster is real and is actually an android. The origin of the monster diverges pretty broadly from that of Mary Shelley’s classic novel and nearly every movie or television adaptation of the character, making him the product of an alien species that visited Earth in the distant past.
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