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The King of Wakanda and the Regent of Arakko have loved each other for years, and their new roles could be just what their relationship needs.
WARNING: Spoilers ahead for S.W.O.R.D. #8!
As one of Marvel Comics’ most iconic romantic pairings, the relationship between Black Panther and Storm is one for the ages, but their dynamic wasn’t always entirely equal – until now. The King of Wakanda and the newfound Regent of Arakko have always been a valuable part of each other’s lives. And a reunion between T’Challa and Ororo Munroe is exactly what fans have been waiting years for.
Now that they’re both occupied with responsibilities on a cosmic scale, the pair have a better understanding of each other than ever before. And while Storm and Black Panther haven’t been an official item since way back before Avengers vs. X-Men, plenty of readers still see them as soulmates. And if recent developments in both characters’ lives are any indication, those readers just may be right.
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S.W.O.R.D. #8 by Al Ewing and Guiu Vilanova cements Storm’s new reign as the leader of the planet Arakko. With an entire world of highly advanced mutants looking to her for leadership, she knows better than ever the weight of the crown T’Challa wears. Meanwhile, his crown has only gotten heavier as Black Panther #25 by Ta-Nehisi Coates and more cemented his rule as the leader of the Intergalactic Empire of Wakanda. But despite their fancy new titles, the duo is still very much in love. Throughout Black Panther #25, they still refer to each other as “beloved,” and in the King In Black: Black Panther one-shot by Geoffrey Thorne and Germán Peralta, the King of Wakanda finds himself torn between doing everything he can to protect his people from the Symbiote invasion and rushing to Storm’s aid. The pair’s feelings for each other are clearly still incredibly strong, and with their newfound roles, there’s never been a better time for them to reunite.
Storm has always been incredibly powerful on every level, and she was even treated as a goddess before her time with the X-Men, but her recent political upgrade has taken her to a whole new level. As an iconic X-Man, and even a member of the Avengers for a brief time, Storm had her fair share of responsibilities both as a hero and as Wakanda’s Queen. But despite all her duties and titles, Storm’s various influential roles still created a dynamic that was very different from the relationship between her husband and his people.
Now, T’Challa’s Wakandan expansion has forever changed the mantles of king and Black Panther. It was never a question that Black Panther and Storm’s relationship was one based on love, but their separation in Avengers vs. X-Men proved that the Black Panther’s duty to Wakanda came first. And as the leader of the intergalactic Wakandan Empire, T’Challa’s responsibilities have only grown.
But with her new position as the Regent of Arakko, Storm’s responsibilities have grown as well. As the ruler of a planet of superpowered beings, she’s become the default voice for the Sol system in the cosmic corner of Marvel Universe, making her every bit as politically powerful as her beloved. And were they to finally reunite as recent events have hinted, they would both have incredible responsibilities to ground them and keep their love in perspective.
In the eyes of the fans, Storm and Black Panther belong together. And their recent promotions just further prove that point. With their new responsibilities occupying even more of their time, Marvel Comics would be smart to reunite these two separated lovers before they’re literally star-crossed.
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