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Kingdom Hearts made waves with the inclusion of several key Disney characters in every role imaginable, be they hero, villain, guide or summon.
It’s easy to take cross-overs for granted nowadays, given how commonplace they are. However, Kingdom Hearts was a cross-over king long before titles like Fortnite made it an everyday occurrence. Kingdom Hearts takes a healthy dose of Disney charm and combines it with Final Fantasy‘s JRPG action, delivering one of gaming’s most beloved franchises. Though the action and narrative intrigue keep Kingdom Hearts going, a large part of players’ attraction comes from the joy experienced seeing one of their childhood icons beat down the baddies with Sora.
Coming hot off his recent Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Guest Fighter announcement, Sora’s become something of a piece of intrigue. Fans may be looking to learn more about Sora’s adventures, and inevitably, this will lead to the Keyblade wielder‘s countless run-ins with the Disney villains and allies that shaped him along the way. Here’s every Disney character Sora encounters in the original Kingdom Hearts.
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Sora’s closest allies are some of Disney’s most famous characters. Sora’s adventure begins when King Mickey realizes the stars are blinking out one by one. He orders his two most trusted associates, Donald Duck and Goofy, to find the “key” to solving their problem. Sora, Donald and Goofy become quick friends, embarking on Sora’s adventure together to save the worlds from Darkness.
Sora’s also supported by others like Chip and Dale and Huey, Dewey and Louie. The former are two Gummi Ship operators that provide vital intel as Sora travels through space, and the latter tend a shop in Traverse Town where Sora can purchase supplies. Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck also make appearances at both the beginning and end of the game, with King Mickey appearing at the end.
In Traverse Town, Sora may stumble upon a rather nice house with two sad dalmatians, Pongo and Perdita, who miss their puppies. Players can find the missing dalmatians hidden in secret chests or as rewards for completing difficult challenges. Pongo and Perdita will periodically reward Sora with gifts for returning the puppies, which can be valuable items, new Gummi blocks or even powerful spell upgrades.
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When Sora arrives in Wonderland, he encounters the white rabbit, leading him to the Queen of Hearts’ Court. There, players learn the Queen is holding Alice prisoner on suspicion of attempted theft of her heart. Players must explore deeper into Wonderland to prove her innocence, encountering characters like The Doorknob and the Chesire Cat. Though Sora can prove that Alice is harmless, the Queen of Hearts reacts poorly to being wrong and summons her guards to attack. In the ensuing chaos, Alice goes missing, ultimately becoming one of the Princesses of Heart.
Sora drops into Deep Jungle, where he’s rescued by Tarzan while Donald and Goofy have a brief run-in with Terk before being found by Clayton. Sora, Donald and Goofy agree to work with Jane and Tarzan to get closer to the gorillas. However, Clayton’s ulterior motives are revealed and his Darkness calls the Heartless to the world. With Tarzan’s help, Sora is able to defeat Clayton and the Heartless he’d summoned, sealing Deep Jungle’s keyhole to prevent any similar disaster from occurring.
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Olympus Coliseum seems like the perfect place for Sora to test his mettle, but Philoctetes doesn’t recognize Sora as a hero. Sora accepts a pass to participate in the games from Hades, playing into the God of the Underworld’s plot. When Sora subverts Hade’s expectations, he releases Cerberus in the stadium, but Hercules arrives to save Sora from certain death. Sora reenters the stadium and tags Hercules out, finishing off Cerberus and taking his first steps towards becoming a true hero.
When first arriving in Agrabah, the team discovers there’s Heatless abound, but the world is deserted otherwise. Nearby, Jasmine is taken by Jafar, but the heroes cannot rescue her. The trio discovers Carpet trapped in Aladdin’s home, releasing it and helping it save Aladdin and Abu before the sands consume them.
Meeting the Genie, the group resolves to work together to save Jasmine. Battling their way through Agrabah and back through the Cave of Wonders, Sora and Aladdin defeat Jafar and seal the keyhole. However, Jasmine is recaptured to become one of the Princesses of Heart. Through their journey in Agrabah ends there, Genie joins Sora as a Summon to help rescue Jasmine.
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Arriving in Atlantica in mer-forms thanks to Donald’s magic, the trio meets Ariel, Sebastian and Flounder. Ariel leads her new friends to her father’s throne, hoping he might have the answers they seek but the King brushes them off, forbidding Ariel from investigating the matter further. Ariel seeks to learn more about the keyhole, uncovering an artifact that may hold answers, but Triton destroys the artifact and demands Sora, Donald and Goofy leave his kingdom.
Distraught, Ariel is approached by the sea witch Ursula, who promises her everything she desires in exchange for Triton’s trident. After stealing the trident, Ursula uses it to weaken Triton and flee back to her lair. Sora and Ariel follow, defeating Flotsam and Jetsam before delivering the final blow to Ursula. Triton thanks Sora and his allies in the aftermath of the crisis, showing them where their keyhole lies.
Though Jimminy Cricket joins Sora once he’s met Donald and Goofy in Traverse Town, there’s been no sign of the others from his world. Then a giant whale eats Sora’s Gummi ship in space. Jimminy is reunited with Pinocchio and the group meets Geppetto and Cleo inside the beast’s belly. It isn’t long before Pinocchio needs to be tracked down after going missing within Monstro’s bowels, but Riku attempts to kidnap him for heart-related experiments. Sora, Donald, Goofy and Jimminy successfully rescue Pinocchio and force Monstro to expel everyone inside.
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Halloween Town introduces Jack Skellington and The Mayor, both of whom have been working to incorporate the Heartless into their Halloween event to no avail. Believing Dr. Finkelstein has the answers needed, Jack leads the group to see the good doctor. He requests a heart, but after gathering the ingredients with the help of Sally, the heart is stolen by Lock, Shock and Barrel, who hurry off to show their prize to Oogie Boogie. Sora is able to defeat the thieves but Oogie gets his hands on the heart. The group defeats Oogie and seals the keyhole present in the world.
After being captured by Captian Hook, Sora and his allies encounter Peter Pan, who promises to help them escape if they help rescue Wendy. Sora learns how to fly with some assistance from Tinker Bell, allowing the hero to navigate Hook’s ship. After realizing Riku is aboard the boat with a Heartless Kairi, Sora faces off with Captain Hook alongside Peter Pan, Donald and Goofy. The group forces him overboard, where he’s chased off by the Tick-Tock the Crocodile. With the battle over, Sora seals the keyhole in Big Ben.
Sora can enter the 100 Acre Wood after piecing together a tattered book, which takes Sora into Winnie the Pooh‘s colorful world. Missing pages are scattered throughout the game, and with each new page, a new scenario is made available to Sora. Most pages house a minigame and introduce new characters, such as meeting Winnie or finding Tigger and Rabbit at Rabbit’s home. Similar meet and greets occur at the Hill, Bouncing Spot and Muddy Path, introducing Sora to Roo, Owl and Eeyore too. Once all pages are collected and explored, Sora can seal the keyhole in 100 Acre Wood.
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Sora encounters two characters from Sleeping Beauty, but they don’t have a world based on the film in the game. Maleficent is one of the main antagonists in Kingdom Hearts, making her presence known through various cutscenes. Maleficent is the organizing leader of all the Disney villains working together, and she has a plan that ultimately only serves her. She seeks the seven Princesses of Heart, opening The Final Keyhole in Hollow Bastion and empowering herself with its might. To bring this plan to fruition, she’s taken Aurora as one of the princesses, putting her into a deep sleep.
When Sora first arrives in Hollow Bastion, he’s forsaken by his allies and left to fend for himself. He finds kinship with Beast, who’s been kept out of Hollow Bastion and cannot rescue the imprisoned Belle. Beast serves to encourage Sora to continue on despite his significant setback. The two make their way into Hollow Bastion, where Beast is able to rescue his dear Belle while Sora regains his power and allies.
Snow White is yet another Princess of Heart Sora is eventually able to free. Though she exists as little more than a place-holder to fill out the seven Princesses of Heart, she’s still someone Sora’s fought to protect.
In Traverse Town, Sora can meet the Fairy Godmother, who has been displaced from her world. However, she can teach Sora how to control powerful magic. Her specialty is Summons, allowing Sora to bring his allies’ strength wherever he goes. As Sora progresses through his adventure, he’ll come across various stones and gems that can be converted into new Summons. Cinderella, the Fairy Godmother’s princess, is one of the seven Princesses of Heart kept locked away in Hollow Bastion. Once Sora defeats Maleficent, Cinderella remains with the other princess to hold back the tide of Darkness emanating from The Final Keyhole.
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Merlin is a master wizard offering his assistance to Sora out of Traverse Town. His dilapidated abode may appear unassuming, but players will see it bustle to life the very first time they meet the spellcaster. Merlin acts as tutor and sparing partner, allowing Sora to hone his magical prowess in a safe space.
After Sora’s second visit to Traverse Town, Leon will gift an Earthshine Gem to the young hero. If Sora takes this to the Fairy Godmother, she’ll teach Sora how to summon Simba into battle. The adult form of the rightful lion king empowers Sora, charging up a Primal Roar and unleashing a massive attack.
After spending some time exploring the 100 Acre Wood, Sora will come across the Naturespark Gem. When players take the Gem to the Fairy Godmother, she’ll teach Sora how to summon Bambi, who will hop around the battlefield, spawning MP orbs or potentially even items if large quantities of enemies are defeated.
Sora can learn the ability to summon Dumbo after locating the Watergleam Gem from within Monstro. After returning the Gem to the Fairy Godmother, she’ll restore Dumbo‘s spirit and allow Sora to summon the flying circus elephant into battle. When called, Dumbo blasts jets of water from his trunk, pushing enemies away and providing Sora with an aura of invulnerability until the Summon ends or payers run out of mana.
Once players have reached Hollow Bastion and defeated Maleficent, they’ll be rewarded with the Fireglow Gem. If players present it to the Fairy Godmother, she’ll turn it into the ability to call upon Mushu‘s strength. The little dragon from Mulan will hop atop Sora’s head after being summoned and spit fireballs at all enemies standing in their path.
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