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Marvel has long incorporated the Latinx community in their comics, with some great characters just waiting to be brought to life on the big screen.
Marvel comic books have a host of Latinx characters that are yet to make their way into the MCU, with a rich source for the franchises to pull on as they look to increase their representation on screen like in the books. Latinx characters have been a part of the Marvel family since the 1970s, with the rich culture and heritage of each influencing exactly how each one handles being a superhero.
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Spanning across the decades of real life and the multiverses of the past and future, there is no doubt that these Latinx characters are some of the best that Marvel has to offer.
This Colombian-American teenager is dark and brooding, often driving away people trying to get close to him. Unaware that he was an Inhuman, the Terrigen cloud that covered the Earth put Dante Pertuz through Terrigenesis, which gave him the power to not only manipulate fire but even to create it.
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Before his transformation, Pertuz, a consummate loner, was a drummer in a wedding band supporting a sick mother and his sister. When transformed, he gains firepower and keeps the loner personality. However, finding a home among other teens and being a member of the Secret Warriors keep him from giving in to his darkness and turning away from the good.
The daughter of an American businessman who wasn’t around and a Venezuelan mother who knew Sofia was a mutant with powers. Her mother accepted her absolutely and even encouraged Sofia to use her powers in their home in the capital of Venezuela, Caracas.
Unfortunately, she lost her mother in riots caused by political unrest and lived with her father, who let his butler Derek Newton raise her. Eventually, ending up at Xavier’s school, she found her family. Sofia went on to become a leader of the New Mutants.
As a Puerto Rican migrant college student at Empire State University in New York City, Hector Ayala was a non-enhanced human living a typical life. He attended class, had a long-term girlfriend who he would eventually marry named Holly Gillis, and lived the everyday life of a poor college kid. Then, one day, Ayala found some amulets shaped like the head and paws of a tiger.
He soon realized that it was a mystic amulet that imbued him with enhanced strength and reflexes. Deciding to use these newfound powers for good, he became the hero White Tiger and eventually became the closest confidant and teammate to Spider-Man (Peter Parker).
An early representative in the comic world of Afro-Latinx characters, Tempest is not a character to be taken lightly. Angel had a rough childhood, growing up in an abusive home. As a young teen, the situation at home combined with her body getting ready for its mutation boiled over, forcing her to run away. Her body entered into a cocoon, and she emerged with insectoid-based mutant powers, including fly-like wings.
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Eventually, arriving at Xavier’s School for Gifted Youth, she would meet her future husband, Barnell Bohusk, aka Beak. She would play a pivotal role in defeating the U-Men, and over time she and Beak would have children.
Roberto da Costa has a long history throughout Marvel comics. Da Costa first discovered his mutant powers as a grown man who was on his way to being a superstar soccer player in his home country of Brazil. After a cheap shot by an opponent sparked his anger – quite literally – he discovered that he had the power to convert solar energy into physical strength, as well as being able to flare up his body and fly.
Moving to the states, Sunspot eventually joined the New Mutants and would even head up the LA branch of the X-Corporation. When X-Corp shut down, Sunspot returned to his former teammates to form a new chapter of the Brotherhood of Mutants and instruct the new Young X-Men team.
Half Puerto Rican, half Mexican, Anya is simply a high school teen from Brooklyn, NY, who ended up getting caught in the middle of a battle between the Spider Society led by their sorcerer Miguel and the Sisterhood of the Wasps, Araña was fatally injured. Miguel refused to let her die and transferred his power to her, binding it with a spider tattoo.
The transfer gave her enhanced agility/strength and an exoskeleton. She worked with Miguel up until his death and served WebCorps for some time as well. Lately, Araña has been under the teaching of Ms. Marvel as a registered superhero.
Sam Alexander is a bright, selfless teen in Carefree, Arizona, the eldest son of Jesse and Eva Alexander. Jesse quit the Black Novas when Sam was born, living on Midgard (Earth) with his family. However, he suffered from severe depression and turned to alcohol for self-medication and since Sam often stepped up to do his janitorial job at Carefree High School. Jesse would tell Sam stories of space, which he dismissed as drunken ramblings.
When he came into possession of his father’s Black Nova Helmet, which was programmed to work only for those with Alexander’s DNA, with it, Sam had access to the full power of the energy of the Nova Force. Initially overwhelmed, he would train with the Watcher Utau – a character many hope will continue in the MCU – and become a member of the Avengers and then leave them with friends and teammates Spider-Man and Ms. Marvel to start the teen team of The Champions when the Avengers began to fail to live up to their standards.
Niece to an earlier entry on this list, Hector Ayala, Angela did not know about her uncle’s identity until enemies had killed him, and she was a grown woman working as an FBI agent. She was working on an investigation of the FBI on her Uncle’s lawyer Matt Murdock aka Daredevil. Murdock helped her once she received her inheritance from her Uncle – the White Tiger amulets.
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At first reluctant, Angela realized that she enjoyed helping innocent people and began to understand what it was to be a hero. Training under Murdock, she slowly kept learning and eventually was awarded the moniker of the White Tiger.
Possibly the most famous Spider-Man outside of Peter Parker, Miles Morales – introduced in the 21st century – is one of the best-known Afro-Latinx comic heroes. Morales is a high school student in Brooklyn, NY, and gains powers from a radioactive spider, like Parker before him. Initially, he tries to suppress his abilities, not wanting to be a hero or villain, wishing he was not an enhanced human.
After Parker died, Morales embraced his powers and became Spider-Man, even adapting the famous mantra of “With great power comes great responsibility-” and adding on “What would Peter Parker do?” Having all of the typical arachnid-hero-based powers, Morales also has the additional abilities of an electrokinesis venom blast and camouflage himself to blend with the environment around him.
Though America was born in the Utopian Parallel, America Chavez was taken in by a Puerto Rican family who lived in the Bronx. They have since informed her ethnicity throughout the multiverse. America is a complex character who has lost so much in her short life. Though she missed her mothers deeply, she grew to love her new home on Earth truly.
The teenaged America Chavez quickly became a major fan favorite, opening minds and hearts with every star-shaped hole she punches. Becoming a member of the Secret Warriors, America promptly became groundbreaking in her Latinx heritage and coming out as a lead character Latinx woman of color who is a member of the LGBTQ+ community. Many are anxious to see her debut as played by Xochitl Gomez in Dr. Strange and The Multiverse Madness releasing next year.
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