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Legendary X-Factor creators Louise and Walter Simonson return in X-Men Legends to uncover the mystery behind the lost Horseman of the Apocalypse.
Legendary X-Men creators Louise and Walter Simonson will be returning to X-Men Legends to explore the story behind Apocalypse’s lost horseman.
The Simonsons will be the creative team behind X-Men Legends #11, due out on Jan. 26, 2022. Set during Louise’s New Mutants run, the issue tells the tale of Apocalypse’s search for a new horseman. After losing Archangel to the X-Men, Apocalypse turns to the next generation of mutants to find his new Death. Along the way, Apocalypse’s forces will come face-to-face with Sunspot, Cannonball, Wolfsbane, Dani Moonstar, Boom-Boom, Rictor and more.
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This will be the second time that Louise and Walter Simonson have been featured in X-Men Legends. Earlier this year, the couple revisited their X-Factor run with a story starring the villainous Cameron Hodge, Apocalypse and Caliban.
X-Men Legends is an anthology series written and drawn by iconic creators of yesteryear, telling previously untold stories set in the midst of past arcs. This unique format allows the writers and artists to expand upon continuity by using the X-Men as they existed during their runs, resolving dropped plot points while cleaning up continuity. Peter David, Larry Hama, Brett Booth and Billy Tan and more have collaborated on the series to this point. Before the Simonsons get to come back for round two, Fabian Nicieza will return to reveal the formation of the original mutant Illuminati.
In the 1980s, Louise Simonson was vital to the success of the X-Men and helped expand the franchise alongside writer Chris Claremont. She would go on to create some of the most popular X-Men characters of all time, including Apocalypse and Cable. Now, as The New Mutants prepares to celebrate its 40th Anniversary in 2022, Simonson’s untold tale allows her to wrap a bow around her legendary run.
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Claremont will make his X-Men Legends debut in February with a story centered around Excalibur. The team has undergone substantial changes in the time since he last wrote for them, making his return all the more exciting for fans of a bygone era. Since Claremont’s departure from X-Men in the early ’90s, he has revisited the characters through multiple alternate timelines, the most expansive of these being X-Men Forever, a book that ran for years and led to some unique ideas for Marvel’s mighty mutants.
Currently, the X-Men are engulfed in the heat of Inferno, the final storyline from writer Jonathan Hickman. The four-issue miniseries builds on Hickman’s work in X-Men, Powers of X and New Mutants.
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