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There are many alien lifeforms in Marvel’s vast comic book universe that would make a great addition to the MCU.
In the ever-expanding Marvel Universe, readers have been exposed to a large scale of different alien lifeforms, both good and evil. Many have even stood the test of time and were able to interact with many popular groups like the Avengers and X-Men and still last to this day.
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As the Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to grow and introduce more characters and timelines, it is only a matter of time before some fan favorites finally make their way to the big and small screen. However, it might take some time for the creators to do it, as it is impossible to choose with a roster this huge. But while fans wait to see what’s to come, it is always interesting to consider which alien races might battle with or alongside the heroes of the MCU.
Believe it or not, the Brood are even deadlier than they look. First appearing in Uncanny X-Men #155 from 1982, this insect-resembling alien race has varying types and groups but each is ruthless and bloodthirsty. The Brood are able to reproduce by laying an egg in their prey and are even able to gain control of their victim. An example of this actually happened to Ghost Rider in Ghost Rider #26 from 1990.
The Brood would make a fierce addition to the MCU as they are a seemingly unstoppable race that has tackled not only some of Earth’s mightiest friends and foes. Though they could be used as antagonists for teams like the Guardians of the Galaxy, they could be used even more efficiently if a true horror-based Marvel movie is put into production.
The ruthless reptilian Badoon first appeared in 1968’s Silver Surfer #2 and has been an incredible force in the universe ever since. The Badoon hail from the planet of Moord where they are divided amongst their gender into the invading Brotherhood and the peaceful Sisterhood of Badoon.
The Badoon have battled against the likes of Silver Surfer, Namor, and countless other of Earth’s saviors as the male Badoons work tirelessly to expand their empire. Their addition to the MCU would be perfect because of their long history in Marvel Comics where creators could pull from many fantastic storylines and themes that haven’t been explored yet.
Though they are better known by the name, Symbiotes, the Klyntar are deadly organisms that have not only made their way to earth to wreak havoc but onto many other planets as well. First appearing in The Amazing Spider-Man #252 from 1984, the Klyntar entered the world of Marvel when the alien costume had attached itself to the young Peter Parker. Since then fans have come to associate this with favorites as Venom, Carnage, and Toxin.
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With the mass amount of love there is for the Klyntar, it has been a long time coming for them to enter into the MCU. And the popularity of the Sony Venom movies has only enhanced that desire to see Spider-Man go head-to-head with the vicious Venom. Or maybe viewers might be able to see Knull as the next big bad in the MCU instead.
One of the most powerful lifeforms on this list, the Beyonders first appeared in the 1984 Marvel limited series, Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #1. The first Beyonder was an unseen being of immense power, before being given a body in the series’ sequel. As the most dangerous Marvel Comics alien species, the Beyonders have been a thorn in the side of forces on the side of good and bad yet still manage to stay mysterious.
What would make these characters a perfect addition to the MCU is the fact that because of their unknown origins, they can be adjusted to the need of the films without much fan backlash. Now that the Celestials have been introduced, they could even be written as foes of the Beyonders and continue an ongoing war between cosmic titans.
Many know the Korbinites from their most famous warrior, Beta Ray Bill, one of the most powerful enchanted hammer users whose race was first introduced in Thor #337 in 1983. When their entire people were on the brink of annihilation, the Korbinites managed to escape in their spaceships while protected by Bill against an onslaught of demons.
In Thor: Ragnarok fans were able to spot a large replica of Beta Ray Bill in the Grandmaster’s tower alongside what appears to be Man-Thing and the god Ares. Though this may be a subtle hint of the existence of the Korbinites, viewers have yet to get a proper introduction to them or Bill. But there’s still hope with the upcoming Thor: Love & Thunder, which will explore more of Thor’s mythology by introducing such characters as Gorr the God Butcher.
Easily able to maneuver through the many dimensions of the Marvel Universe, the Infinites are a bizarre, but powerful, abstract alien race that first appeared in Avengers: Infinite #4. They have even once battled the likes of the embodiment of Marvel’s universe, Eternity. They do not appear to have any physical shape to their form, except when they used a large metallic hand to crush Eternity.
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The Infinites are equally as mysterious as the Beyonders and just as strong. Because of their strange form, they would make a great addition to a film or series similar to Doctor Strange or even Loki. Creators could even adapt the Infinites as they desire, seeing their origins are unknown, making them either heroes or villains depending on necessity.
With the help of such popular shows as What If…?, the MCU has introduced various timelines and universes with limitless potential for new characters. One of these that has yet to be explored is the dimension found in the minds of all living things, the Mindscape. Premiering in 1991 in his self-titled series, a Sleepwalker made its first appearance when it was trapped in the mind of college student Rick Sheridan.
Sleepwalkers are the guardians of the Mindscape and are able to feed on mental energy. They are also capable of super strength and sight, while also being able to manipulate physical objects. With the MCU now growing into alternate dimensions, it would be fascinating to see possibly Wanda or Doctor Strange interact with these aliens and learn more about the worlds that border the mind.
This large and yellow alien race first made their appearance in the pages of Longshot #3 from 1985 and much like their name says, they are unable to move without using a form of exoskeleton to assist them. The most popular Spineless One is none other than the ruler of the Mojoverse, Mojo, a parody of television executives who enslaves warriors for entertainment. While some may consider the longtime X-Men villain a joke, Mojo has a long history with the X-Men that could factor in once that superteam is introduced in later phases.
Including the Mojo and the rest of his spineless race would be an interesting and run inclusion to the MCU for the sheer fact of having the heroes engage in bizarre battles and tournaments for the pleasure of the Spineless ones. This could result in introducing various other aliens and characters, much like Thor: Ragnarok did with the Grandmaster’s gladiator battles.
Premiering in Uncanny X-Men #305, the Phalanx are actually infected with the same Technarchy virus, similar to the New Mutants character, Warlock. They are ruthless killing machines that operate non a hive mind and have battled against the likes of X-Men and the Kree.
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What would make these beings a perfect match for the heroes of the MCU is their design and desire to infect the rest of the universe and join them. Like many adapted works, there will always be slight changes to the look of characters. But even if the core look of the Phalanx stays intact, audiences will be in for a thrill.
One of the main and most popular alien beings, the Shi’ar first made their mark in the pages of Marvel in X-Men #97 in 1976. The Shi’ar resemble humans, but at one time had bird-like features, like a more famous Shi’ar warrior, Deathbird.
Similar to the Kree, Badoon, and Skulls, the Shi’ar have had a long history in the comic books, making adapting them into the MCU a relatively easy process. A popular component, the Shi’ar Imperial Guard, has some fan-favorite characters like Gladiator that many comic aficionados would like to see adapted.
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