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While not every character in The Premise is likable or relatable, the best in the FX/Hulu anthology series, like Abbi or Chase, sure are entertaining.
The FX and Hulu anthology series The Premise follows a different set of characters in each episode as they are placed in difficult and challenging situations. From students competing to be the class valedictorian to a businessman designing a sex toy, the show uses the character’s decisions and personalities to make relevant social commentary.
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As is the case with the best anthology stories, the best characters in The Premise are the ones who represent the themes of the show and embody them in compelling ways. As the show deconstructs society, the most interesting characters often go against the mainstream and follow their own moral compass instead such as when Allegra commits to living a new life or when Chase lays down his own life to make a statement.
While Jesse may initially come off as a pretentious and out of touch pop star, and his conversation with Pastor Jack certainly does not help, he is shown to be a genuine and thoughtful person who is trying to follow his heart, even if it leads him a different direction than others would take.
His decisions make others upset but he clearly drives the action. Jesse may not always be the most grounded or relatable character but he is undoubtedly interesting and brings a unique energy to his episode.
Aaron is a friendly and likable character, making an intentional effort to befriend Chase. He is a great friend to Chase, including him in family events and spending quality time with him. When he begins to suspect that Chase is planning on shooting up the NGL, he makes a heartfelt attempt to dissuade him.
Aaron ultimately misreads the situation and alerts security, which sets into motion the events that lead to Chase’s death. He is a fascinating and heartbreaking character whose good intentions lead to a tragic mistake.
Although Rayna does not have a large role in her episode, she is an energetic presence every time she is on the screen. She is a skilled lawyer who uses her power and influence to fight against injustice. She is also a trusting and encouraging boss who believes in her employees.
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She sees the potential in Eve and empowers her to take risks and grow as a lawyer. She allows Eve to engage in some pretty unrealistic courtroom scenes in order to grow and gain experience. Rayna is a funny and bright character who makes a strong impression even in her limited screen time.
Ethan claims to be determined to help fight against injustice. But as the episode goes on, a more complicated and nuanced picture of his character emerges. He is someone who constantly contradicts himself, often tweeting conflicting sentiments about the police, the government, and even whether or not LeBron James is the best basketball player
Ethan is one of the funniest characters in the show and his predicament is a hilarious and sympathetic one. He wants to help the cause but it comes at a great personal cost, one that Ethan eventually comes to terms with paying.
At first, Allegra appears to be a shallow and unreliable Instagram influencer who is surrounded by people who tell her how great she is. However, as the episode goes on, it becomes clear that she is unhappy in her life and needs to make some major changes.
To her credit, Allegra responds positively to the criticism and puts in the work to change her life. Because of this, Allegra becomes a character that audiences are rooting for to make the right decisions and pursue her dreams.
Daniel Jung is a compelling and aloof character that keeps the audience guessing until the final moments of his episode. While he uses his past of being bullied to motivate him to great business success, he is also clearly stuck in the past as he spends time getting revenge on bully after bully.
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Daniel is a well-written character as he keeps the audience guessing about his true intentions. Until the reveal at the end of the episode, it is never clear if he is acting out of mercy or revenge. Daniel is an intelligent and interesting character who is hard to pin down morally and philosophically.
Eve Stone is a bold and confident lawyer who decides that to take on Darren Williams’ case, even though the odds are stacked against her. She is confident and passionate as she convinces her boss to allow her to try to represent Darren.
While she is not exactly sympathetic towards Ethan when his sex tape leaks to the public, she has a broader view of the big picture and helps him learn that being a true ally of the movement means not making everything about him. Ultimately, she is a passionate, competent, and mature character.
Even though Eli Spector begins his episode as an unlikable and cruel bully, he becomes one of the best characters in the show by the end. While he is unsure if he can trust Daniel and his assignment, Eli fully throws himself into the project.
Eli is a smart and passionate individual who proves that he is capable of far greater than he ever realized. The Premise may not be the best anthology show ever, but Eli’s presentation is a moving and effective sequence. He is a relatable and sympathetic but also relatable figure that proves the right amount of effort and opportunity can lead to greatness.
Despite appearing like an unlikable slacker initially, Abbi proves herself to be an intelligent and motivated individual who is capable of achieving anything when she sets her mind towards it. She proves to be the only student who is actually taking her education seriously by implementing the anti-establishment attitude found in her school’s required reading.
Abbi also proves herself to be funny and thoughtful as she interacts with the people around her. She is a smart, emotional, and interesting character who is far deeper and more mature than she appears.
Chase is a sympathetic and mysterious character who responds to losing his daughter in a school shooting by taking a job in PR for the NGL. Despite being the main character of his episode, the audience is left guessing about his methods and attitude up until the final moments in which Chase’s real motives and personality come through.
He is a compelling character that commands attention every time that he is on screen. Chase so clearly believes in the message that he is sending that he is willing to die in order to make this statement. Chase is a sympathetic character with a tragic ending that is meant to cause the audience to question their beliefs.
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