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Maria Rambeau was killed offscreen in WandaVision and Captain Marvel star Lashana Lynch revealed how she learned about her character’s fate.
Lashana Lynch revealed how and when she found out her character passed away in the MCU. Lynch's Maria Rambeau was introduced during Captain Marvel, but she was killed offscreen during the events of WandaVision when her character's adult daughter was introduced.
For those who don't know, Lynch played U.S. air force pilot and best friend of Captain Marvel, Maria Rambeau. She had a daughter who appeared in Captain Marvel as a child and was reintroduced in WandaVision as a much older Monica Rambeau. The young Monica was played by Akira Akbar, while Teyonah Parris portrayed the older/current version of the character.
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Now, Lynch has revealed that Marvel Studios' president Kevin Feige was the one who broke the news of her character's death to her. He gave her an early heads up prior to WandaVision's release. During an interview with, Lynch said, "Kevin Feige, who is the nicest guy, personally emailed me […] I want to say, over a year […] before WandaVision aired, and explained what was happening; how it was going to happen; when it was going to happen […] And him specifically saying that he didn't want me to find out through anyone else." The current overseer of the MCU made sure to let Lynch know what was happening prior to the show's release, that way it wasn't revealed without a prior conversation.
In WandaVision, fans learned Maria Rambeau died of cancer a few years after Monica vanished as a result of Thanos' decimation, and her daughter only found out about her mother's passing after she and everyone else who disappeared in the "blip" was brought back by the Avengers. Lynch went on to say, "It was sad to read, but also, because I think Maria had such a massive impact on Captain Marvel and everyone loved her and really related to her, I felt good with the work that I did there and felt good that they were able to now continue her legacy in her daughter […] And the introduction to her powers in WandaVision is also amazing, so I feel genuinely proud." The actress was thankful to know beforehand instead of finding out from fans or outsiders who watched the show.
The character is survived by her daughter, Monica, so her legacy will continue. However, it would've been nice to see Maria Rambeau get a final on-screen scene instead of learning about her death through a conversation between characters. WandaVision definitely sets a lot of things in place for the future of the MCU, so it will be interesting to see where it goes from here.
The Young Avengers, the Multiverse, and potential mutants for a future X-Men movie were all teased or hinted at during WandaVision. So here's hoping that the future of the MCU delivers on these minor promises that were teased.
Captain Marvel is available to stream on Disney Plus.
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