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Kingdom Hearts fans have been sharing hilarious out-of-context cutscenes from the games, all of which feature Disney characters in strange situations.
Fans of the Kingdom Hearts series have been sharing out-of-context cutscenes from the trilogy, showing just how hilarious it can be to see Disney characters in such bizarre and serious situations. The action RPG series, created by Square Enix, has garnered a cult following. In fact, there is an active modding scene for Kingdom Hearts 3 that is constantly adding new characters, outfits, and weapons to the game.
One highly anticipated mod that is currently in development is aiming to bring back the classic Olympic Coliseum to Kingdom Hearts. Modder Aproydtix has shared footage of an early build of the mod, showing Sora going through the tournament fighting against the Heartless enemies. The mod also appears to have a brand new model for the arena and includes some gameplay enhancements to improve Sora’s movement as well as quality-of-life changes like individual health bars for every enemy.
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Fans have been sharing out-of-context cutscenes from the Kingdom Hearts series on Twitter. The discussion started when user Dusty_Carpet posted a message about how the cinematic scenes provide plenty of humor when viewed separately from the main story. Other users quickly began to post their own favorite cutscenes in response, showcasing just how strange and funny the footage appears without the context of the game’s story. Most appear to agree that seeing Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse, Goofy, and Winnie-the-Pooh in such bizarre situations is what causes the scenes to be so hilarious.
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It was recently announced that all three mainline Kingdom Hearts games are coming to the Nintendo Switch, and the bundle will include the Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue. The news followed an announcement that series protagonist and Keyblade-wielder Sora is set to join Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on October 18, although it is unclear whether actor Haley Joel Osment will be reprising his voice acting role for the character.
The Kingdom Hearts series has always been a bit strange, seeing as the franchise fuses together Disney characters with a Square Enix fantasy RPG world. So it should not come as a major surprise that some people find humor in its installments’ serious and dark cutscenes. After all, the likes of Mickey Mouse and Goofy are not typically shown fighting or speaking such dramatic dialogue – nor do they appear to be fighters worthy of going up against Final Fantasy’s Sephiroth.
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Source: Dusty_Carpet (Twitter)
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