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Tony Stark, T’Challa and Shuri are all smart, but the MCU has yet to include Reed Richards, Riri Williams and more as the true geniuses of Marvel.
The Marvel Cinematic Universe certainly has no shortage of geniuses – but the franchise has only scratched the surface when it comes to introducing intelligent characters. Iron Man and others of his sort have frequently appeared in the franchise, and their contributions usually result in fantastic inventions that either help (or in Ultron’s case, hinder) the team. But the MCU has yet to show the real geniuses of the Marvel Universe – and more importantly, what they can truly accomplish.
Perhaps the most notable feat from one of the MCU’s genius characters is also the first: Tony Stark crafting the Mark I Iron Man suit while in captivity from within a cave “…with a box of scraps.” Tony’s work in creating a functioning time machine (albeit with considerably more resources) in Avengers: Endgame is also appropriately astounding. Princess Shuri is the top scientist in Wakanda (and thus, arguably, the world) and managed to almost separate Vision from the Mind Stone while knowing very little about either. While Bruce Banner is a top scientist, Doctor Strange a top surgeon and Peter Parker a budding chemistry expert (with the knowhow to create web fluid in his spare time using only the resources found in a high school), they all pale in comparison to the true geniuses of the Marvel Universe.
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Dark Ages #2, written by Tom Taylor with art by Iban Coello and colors by Brian Reber, shows what the geniuses of the world are truly capable of when they work together. In the Dark Ages series, civilization has collapsed after a fight with the Unmaker left the entire planet without any functioning electricity. In Wakanda – the new capital of the world – Shuri and T’Challa are assisted by a group of theorists and researchers (including Victor Von Doom)as they work to bring light back into the world. Even without any electronic devices of any kind, they still manage to build a better world out of the ashes of the old. But even they can’t hold a candle to the two most intelligent people on Earth: Reed Richards and Moon Girl.
Reed Richards is widely considered one of, if not the smartest men on Earth. His IQ is over 250, and is an omnidisciplinary scientist (an expert in multiple fields of study when many of the genius-level characters in comics are only proficient in one). The Fantasticar, the Forever Gate, and the Marvel-1 (a faster-than-light rocket) are just some of his inventions. But Richards is only the smartest man on Earth; the smartest human is Lunella Lafayette, or Moon Girl, an undisputed genius at only 9 years old. Among other accomplishments, she’s studied alternate realities to the point where she can reliably guess Spider-Man’s true identity as Peter Parker, a feat most of his villains (many of whom are geniuses themselves) are incapable of achieving.
Reed Richards and Moon Girl are the smartest people on Earth, but there are plenty of other genius-level heroes for future films. Riri Williams (also known as Ironheart), Amadeus Cho, Valerie Richards, and more have yet to arrive in the MCU; with the departure of Tony Stark, the stage is set for a new batch of intelligent heroes to move to the forefront of the franchise. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is vast, and there’s plenty of room for scientists, geneticists, and inventors for future films.
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