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Wolverine’s family just got the perfect new name, as New Mutants showcases what Logan, Gabby, Daken, and Laura could be called as a team.
Warning! Spoilers for New Mutants #22 by Marvel Comics below
Marvel Comics just gave Wolverine’s family the perfect name that honors his claws’ most famous sound effect. In New Mutants #22, the comic book makes two references to Wolverine’s family being called the “Snikt Family,” which is a fitting name for the clawed heroes. The name is a callback to the sound that’s filled the pages of Wolverine stories and become a defining part of the character.
Wolverine isn’t the oldest X-Men character, but he might be the most popular following his debut in The Incredible Hulk #180 and #181. The antihero is known for his brutal violence, healing factor, and sharp claws. In Giant-Size X-Men #1 by Len Wein, Dave Cockrum, and Gil Kane, Wolverine joined the newest team of mutants, with the issue featuring the debuts of Storm, Colossus, and Nightcrawler. In the issue, the sound effect “Snikt” first appeared when Wolverine popped a single claw against a government official while accepting Charles Xavier’s offer to join the new team.
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In New Mutants #22 by Vita Ayala, Rod Reid, VC’s Travis Lanham, and Tom Miller, the current group of New Mutants visit the Kinney residence on Krakoa, where they apologize to Scout (Gabby Kinney aka Honey Badger) for how they handled things with the Shadow King, which led to her death. Gabby accepts the apology and forgives them since they treat her as more than just an “add-on to Laura” or the “worst Wolverine clone.” After hugging it out, the group tells Gabby they’re going to tell the Shadow King they’re done with him, as Rain Boy tells her “we were, uh, hoping for some Snikt Family backup.”
It’s the first time, at least that we can recall, that Wolverine’s family was given the name of the “Snikt Family.” The issue even mentions the family name a second time, as a footnote tells readers to check out The Trial of Magneto “to see what the rest of the Snikt Family is up to.”
Considering Wolverine is with his entire family on Krakoa, which includes Laura Kinney (Wolverine), Gabby Kinney (Scout), and Akihiro (Daken), it makes sense that they get their own Bat-Family-esque name. While the characters have all teamed up before, it would be fun to see the Snikt Family get its own title at Marvel Comics showcasing the adventures of all the different Wolverines. Regardless, the Snikt Family is a name with staying power, as hopefully, it’s perfect for Logan’s unlikely family. New Mutants #22 is in comic book stores now.
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