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The Punisher Star Jon Bernthal Addresses Possibility of Playing Wolverine
Fans have been excited about the arrival of Wolverine in the MCU. Hugh Jackman is not expected to reprise the role again which means a new actor will be playing one of Marvel's popular mutants. One of the actors that fans would love to see take the role is The Punisher star Jon Bernthal. But is he interested to play another Marvel character?
In an interview with Forbes, the actor was asked about his thoughts on the possibility of playing Wolverine in the MCU. He said, "Look, the criteria in which I sort of decide what I'm doing next is: Does the script move me?, Who am I working with?, Who is the filmmaker, and is that somebody I'm dying to work with? I'm going to hold onto that moving forward no matter what that is."
But in the end, he said that he would rather play the role of Frank Castle/The Punisher again, "I get it, I get that the Marvel questions, you're asking these questions because it's super important to a lot of people; people love these characters and I get that and I come to that with absolute respect. What I will tell you again is that Frank Castle is in my bones. Frank Castle is in my bones."
It seems like the actor really loves playing The Punisher that he would rather play the character again rather than take a crack on another popular Marvel character. After all, his performance as The Punisher has become beloved by fans to the point that he is now associated with the role. Given that the franchise is exploring the multiverse and with the rumors of Netflix Marvel characters coming to the MCU, it might be actually possible to see Bernthal play The Punisher again soon and, for sure, no one will be against the idea.
If Bernthal plays another Marvel character, that wouldn't be the first time in the franchise. After all, Chris Evans played the Human Torch in the Fantastic Four films before he became Captain America in the MCU. Other actors have also been in a similar situation. There is no reason to not think that Bernthal could play a different character if he ever joins the MCU.
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Whether it's playing The Punisher again or another character, it would be great to see Bernthal come to the MCU as he is a wonderful actor and always deliver terrific performances to his roles.
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