Abbeville business owner committed to fighting back against violence in the community – KLFY

ABBEVILLE, La. (KLFY) — The City of Abbeville has seen great progress in decreasing gun violence in the city since the Vermilion Parish Violent Crimes task force has been reinstated. However, there is still work to be done.
Another person was severely injured due to an act of gun violence here in Abbeville just blocks away from local restaurant Soulful Eats.
Owner and community advocate Roderick Darby says it’s time for the people of Abbeville to take a stand against violence in the city.
“It’s a by-product of the character of this community that we have to be willing to change.”
Darby says he’ll be the first to practice as he preaches. He said he uses his platform as a business owner and a community leader to be an example of what it looks like to put others and your community first.
His main goal is to focus on providing resources to help bring the dreams and visions of his generation to life.
Darby said he feels a lack of knowing one’s purpose is the cause of senseless crime in the area, and he refuses to stand by and let it happen.
“I want to be able to gather other people with the same passion as me,” Darby said.
Darby said he’s always had a passion to help others, but it was his mother’s passing that caused him to go into overdrive.
He grew up watching her serve the Abbeville community. So, he said on days when he feels like giving up, he goes back to his core values, faith, family, and fortitude.

“Failure is not permanent it’s temporary. The success that we’re looking for is permanent.”

Darby says local officials are commending him and his team for their work.
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