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With parents and kids all stuck at home together during the pandemic’s early stages, many had to rethink childcare. In early September, a new child care service named Me Time. You Time. opened inside the Vent Fitness in Clifton Park.
Co-founder and owner Lindsay Parmeter says the business is rare because it functions as a hybrid of a babysitter and traditional daycare. After signing up for a slot online, parents are invited to drop their children off for an hour or two at a time.
Weston Lundberg and London Iacovetti are two children who utilize the service, and their parents say it’s brought them reassurance.
“It’s very reassuring,” said Weston’s mother, Brooke. “He’s the last of four kids, so he easily acclimates to any new environment.”
“He’s quite a character, so this is perfect for him,” said London’s mother, Rebecca. “He met Weston, and they have a blast.”
With no shortage of toys at their disposal, it didn’t seem to bother either of the boys that their moms were stepping out for a bit to get some errands done.
“This is my grocery shopping time, so I plan to leave him here for an hour, maybe even a little after an hour,” Lundberg said.
“I’m going to get my nails done,” Iacovetti said. “It’s a little selfish, but you don’t feel it, because you know he’s having fun.”
While the new service is inside Vent Fitness in Clifton Park, it is open to all members of the public.
“It’s awesome, because it’s a drop-in type of situation,” Lundberg said.
“It’s so much fun,” said Lindsay Parmeter, Me Time, You Time’s co-owner and founder. “All the different personalities and all the different ages, there’s never a dull moment, that’s for sure.
“Basically, it just comes down to needing a break. Sometimes as parents we have a lot to do, whether it is grocery shopping, working out or even meeting up with friends for coffee. If you have your kids all of the time it makes it difficult.”
Parmeter says the idea was partially inspired by her own experience as a mother during the pandemic.
“This past year and a half has been very difficult, just all of the togetherness, which has been great, but with all of that the kids get more attached and it is harder to step away,” Parmeter said. “So this is a nice kind of transition so kids can kind of work their way back.”
For parents, it’s meant to be easier than tracking down a sitter, and cheaper and more accessible than daycare.
“It makes me feel awesome to know that this is helping out, making a difference for parents and young children,” Parmeter said.
Almost as quickly as they left, Lundberg and Iacovetti returned to pick up their boys, with each saying they planned to be back the next time they needed a little help keeping an eye on their kids.
“Here you can just come in, sign them in, know they’re safe and drop them off, and then you can go do something for yourself without that guilt of being a mom,” Iacovetti said.


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