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It’s been said that it’s a child’s job to surpass their parents, and that is often true of the children of superheroes as well.
Marvel’s heroes have been doing their thing for a long time. These respected heroes have been battling the most dangerous and intimidating villains around but that’s not all they’ve done. Comics are as much a soap opera as they are anything else and many heroes and villains have had families over the years. While time is always kind of weird in comics, many of these children have grown up and become heroes in their own right.
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Often times, these younger heroes have grown into much greater heroes than their parents, overcoming the foibles of the people who raised them to become legends in their time.
Reed Richards is kind of a terrible person. He’s done a lot of very shady things over the years and treated his wife, Sue, very badly. While he’s helped save the universe many times, it’s kind of outweighed by the genocides he’s had to commit as a member of the Illuminati. Of he and Sue’s two children, Valeria is more like him but also a way better person.
While she hasn’t saved the universe nearly as many times, she doesn’t neglect those she loves for science. She uses her intelligence to help everyone and has never committed genocide on a massive scale multiple times like her father has, which makes her a better hero.
Franklin Richard is the oldest child of Reed and Sue. He learned a lot about family by watching his parents’ strange relationship, which is a good thing because neither of his parents are exactly the best role models in that regard. Sue is better than Reed but she has the tendency to let her emotions get in the way of things.
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Franklin learned at a young age that he couldn’t lose control of his emotions, otherwise terrible things could happen. While Invisible Woman is a great hero, Franklin has created universes, giving life to countless beings, which outweighs all of the lives his mother and father have saved.
Spider-Girl is an amazing character that doesn’t get enough credit. Created in an issue of What If… in the ’90s, she was so popular she got her own book and the MC2 universe was created around her. She’d be the last survivor of that line and fan outcry would keep her book going for years. Mayday Parker took her father’s example and learned from it.
Mayday made mistakes but she never fell victim to some of the things her father did. Peter had a tendency to get emo but Mayday was able to always keep her cheerful attitude. Her father may have been the exemplar but Mayday was able to surpass him.
Cyclops is a great hero but he has a tendency to lose it. Sometimes, he’s run off into retirement and other times he’s ordered children to kill and became the Dark Phoenix. Cable is very different from his father. His entire life has been hardship and while he’s more likely to kill people than his father, he doesn’t give up. He doesn’t lose it because of the stress; his whole life is stress.
Cable spent his early years fighting Apocalypse’s forces in the future, then came to the past and kept fighting. Cyclops’s existence has been coddled in comparison and he has given up or broke more than once. Cable just keeps fighting.
Cable was entrusted with the care of Hope Summers and trained her to be a soldier and survivor. He also wanted her to be nothing like him and he succeeded there. Cable can be blunt and obsessed. He taught Hope to be otherwise and it worked; she had all of the skills of her adoptive father but she wasn’t obsessed with saving the world; she did it because she wanted to.
Hope is an all around better person than Cable and was able to overcome the temptation of the Phoenix Force, giving it up to allow the mutant race to be rekindled. She left the X-Men for a time, having a life on her own before returning and joining the Five, bringing back the dead. Cable kills people and Hope helps give people life again.
Polaris’s father is Magneto and while he’s been a more heroic than ever in recent years, this is still a man who held the world hostage many times over the years. He’s killed an untold number of innocent humans which makes Polaris better than him by default. She’s not a mass murderer and has always been a hero, fighting alongside the X-Men and X-Factor.
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Magneto constantly judges her, which is kind of funny because he’s objectively a much worse person than her. Even now, he’s still a mutant supremacist and Polaris is anything but. She’s not a racist murderer but someone who has always been a hero.
Wolverine has had a hard road to respect and some big shoes to fill. Logan has been an Avenger, a leader of the X-Men, and knows pretty much everyone in the Marvel Universe. Laura doesn’t have all of that, but she went through a lot of the same things as her father but unlike him, she’s never lost herself to the rage.
Logan could never accept what he’s done, pushing everyone away for years and not reaching his potential. Laura accepted what she was and tried to become better from the beginning, learning how to be a better person and not just a killing machine. She succeeded and has earned her place as Wolverine.
Rogue was raised by Mystique and Destiny and would join them in the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, using her powers to smack around the Avengers and drain the powers of Carol Danvers. This act would shatter her and she ran to the X-Men, where she would learn to not only how to be a hero but also how to control her powers.
Rogue has had an amazing career as a hero. She’s led the X-Men, joined the Avengers, and basically become an exemplar of what a mutant hero should be. She went from someone who believed her powers were uncontrollable and would always be alone to a hero of the highest order.
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