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Squid Game winner Gi-hun was about to get on the plane to see his daughter in the U.S., but turns around to leave instead. What is Gi-hun up to?
Squid Game’s final scene shows Seong Gi-hun about to get on a plane to see his daughter in the U.S., but why did he ditch this plan and storm out of the airport instead? Shortly after its release, Squid Game became the most popular Netflix show, as well as one of the most discussed series on the web. Much of this is due to the twists and turns revealed in the show’s final episode.
After Gi-hun wins the prize money, he returns home to find his mother dead on the floor, sending the show’s protagonist spiraling into depression. When he is summoned by old man Oh Il-nam, who reveals that he is the billionaire who founded the harrowing competition, Gi-hun’s perspective changes and he eventually uses the money to help not just himself, but some of the people that his fellow competitors left behind. In the end, he finally decides to use his hard-earned wealth to visit—and presumably gain custody of—his daughter in America, which was his primary reason for returning to the island in the first place.
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As the winner of Squid Game’s 45.6 billion won grand prize, Gi-hun is in a good position to do right by his daughter. However, when Gi-hun sees the man who originally recruited him for the games back at it again at the airport, he finds out the games are back on, calling the number on the recruiter’s now-recognizable business card to confirm. As Gi-hun is about to get on the plane to secure his family’s future, why does he turn around and rush out of the airport?
Out of the main characters, Gi-hun is the only one who tries to tell the authorities about the lethal competition, before eventually deciding to come back to the island. This could be a clue to what he intends to do following the Squid Game season 1 ending. Gi-hun exchanges threats with whoever answers the phone number listed on the recruiter’s business card, and then sports a look of fiery determination as he storms out of the airport. All signs point to how he intends to do something to stop the next round of games from happening. Even though this forces the character to further delay seeing his daughter, Gi-hun realizes that the fate of potentially hundreds—if not thousands—of people is bigger than his own family’s needs. After narrowly surviving the death games from which his newfound billions came, the good-natured protagonist has no other choice but to try and do something about it.
As Gi-hun doesn’t get his happy ending in the finale, the stage is set for the character to return for a potential Squid Game season 2. This could mean that in the next season, Gi-hun will get a chance to confront the Front Man, who is revealed to be a fellow Squid Game winner himself. This could also mean that Gi-hun will team up with Hwang Jun-ho, the police detective who infiltrated Squid Game’s island and the Front Man’s younger brother. Jun-ho was shot in the shoulder by his brother in the show’s penultimate episode 8, but Squid Game doesn’t confirm whether or not he is dead, which could allow them to more easily pursue their shared goal of bringing down the entire organization.
Whether or not Jun-ho is still alive, Gi-hun’s decision not to get on the plane definitely hints that his story isn’t over. There are a number of other ways for Squid Game season 2 to play out as well. As one of the VIPs hints that there are other death games happening simultaneously around the world, Gi-hun could take the fight to the international heads of the organization. Another possibility is that Kang Sae-byeok’s little brother Kang Cheol, whom Gi-hun left in the custody of Sang-woo’s mother, will be all grown up and ready to join Squid Game alongside Gi-hun in season 2, depending on how much time has passed. Armed with his prize winnings, he could also use his resources to find some way to infiltrate the organization, similarly to how Jun-ho snuck onto the island previously.
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Considering how the series portrays Gi-hun’s relationship with his family, ditching his flight to the U.S. and delaying seeing his daughter yet again is certainly the wrong choice if Gi-hun intends to gain custody of his daughter. It will likely be viewed as just another one of the character’s many broken promises to his family, despite Gi-hun’s presumed intention of stopping the game being inherently altruistic. On the other hand, the brutal deaths of his fellow Squid Game players continue to weigh heavily on Gi-hun’s mind. And if he did decide to get on the plane, he would have had to deal with these traumatic memories alongside trying to reconnect with and raise his child.
Although Gi-hun would be risking his life again if he does go after the shady organization, it gives him the chance to clear his conscience as the winner of Squid Game’s grand prize money before attempting to make things right with his family. As Gi-hun seems to be trying to do what’s best for himself, for his family, and for the competition’s future victims, the merits of his choice to ditch the plane will likely be determined by the success of his future plans. In any case, whether or not Gi-hun made the right choice is a question that can only be truly answered in a potential Squid Games season 2.
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