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October 14, 2021

Days go by and The Squid Game continues to be the most watched streaming service Netflix all over the world, despite the fact that there are two new series that are behind in search of becoming the most requested content by users. While we wait for possible movements on the platform, the site ScreenRant He also wanted to be part of the game and chose the character of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that would take the victory.
The program of Korean origin and created by Hwang Dong-hyuk It was released on September 17 and for the moment the furor is still intact due to its interesting plot. In the show we see a group of people with financial problems who decide to be part of a game to pay off their debts, but each loser of the tests is brutally murdered.
“Red light, green light” It is the first mission, which consists of running towards a finish line moving only when a giant doll is on its back, but if it turns and any participant is not immobile, it is eliminated. In the second test we see that each player receives a circle of honeycomb candy with a shape in the middle, with the aim of removing the excess candy without breaking it and revealing another shape with a needle.
The third round is defined in a tug of war between both teams. The fourth leads the contestants to decide the rules and fall into a possible trap, so mindset will be an important factor to use. The next test is a kind of Hopscotch, where competitors must jump across a bridge made of glass panels, but some are more fragile than others and can cause them to fall and die.
The last game is the traditional South Korean squid game, where players are armed with knives and assigned an offensive or defensive position: the attacker must reach a small circle marked at the end of a court, but the defender you must do everything to stop it. According to his abilities, in which we find alterations of reality, invisibility, strength, mind control, magical divination and unlimited cosmic power, the Marvel character who would win The Squid Game would be Wanda Maximoff / Scarlet Witch.
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