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The best Disney Halloween movies are full of nostalgia and fun scares, but which character are you most like? Your zodiac sign may have the answer!
Disney offers a wide range of Halloween movies that make every spooky season full of nostalgia and adventure. Some of these characters are beloved for their humor or even bravery, and re-watching these films is always enjoyable around the spooky season.
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Even if these Disney Halloween movies came out when the viewer was a child, just like some of the best ’90s Halloween TV shows, the love for them lives on and their impact endures. From Twitches to Nightmare Before Christmas, these films and their characters are forever appreciated, especially those that are relatable to fans.
Aries are often active and courageous, willing to take on an adventure, despite the obstacles that lie ahead. Possibly one of the best Disney Channel Halloween movies, according to IMDbHalloweentown is twists and magical adventure. The protagonist, Marnie Piper, never takes no for an answer and is extremely daring. She chooses to follow her grandmother back to Halloweentown and even fight the powerful Kalabar.
With Marnie’s personality in mind, her determination to be independent of her mother and make her own choices is just like an Aries’ “head-on” approach to the world. Marnie’s energetic and assertive demeanor makes also her a great Aries and an iconic Disney Halloween movie hero.
Alex Fielding from Twitches exudes the down-to-earth, preserving nature of a Taurus. Alex’s dependability is seen when she is willing to stand up against the Darkness by herself, even when Camryn leaves out of fear of their destiny.
Like many Tauruses, Alex is also calm and straightforward. When discovering she has a twin, she finds it hard to believe and has to find the rationale behind it. Luckily, the stories she writes all through the night help clear up many unsolved questions.
Halloween is crawling with monsters and scares. Mike Wazowski may have been focused on this, but his dual personality is relatable to every Gemini. Mike’s indecisiveness of Boo and how to take care of her establishes his different personality.
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Geminis are both talkative and can be superficial, while also being adaptable and witty, lending to their dual nature. Mike’s dual nature is seen in his bond with Boo. In the beginning, he looks at Boo as a liability because he is concerned about how she’ll impact his career and reputation. But he then shows a side of him that accepts Boo, eventually protecting her and becoming a father figure alongside his working partner, Sully.
Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas introduces audiences to Sally. From helping Jack with his Santa Claus outfit to countless attempts to poison Dr. Finkelstein, Sally is like many Cancers who are complex by being both gentle yet defensive.
Cancers are well known to resist change in their environment, and when Sally is forced to be locked away from the world, she does her best to change her perspective. Moreso like Cancers, she is both proactive and relentless. Sally, like a Cancer, also has a protective nature towards both herself and Jack, and together they both want to change the environment of Halloweentown to try something new, like Christmas.
Aggie Cromwell from Halloweentown has a fierce quality that protects both her community and the Cromwell legacy. Leos are well known for their courage and rulership. Aggie embodies these characteristics by mentoring Marnie in each film and has the courage to take on any evil that Halloweentown may face.
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Her love for her family and empowering her grandchildren to embrace their witch or warlock also aligns with Leos’s sense of nobility and generosity. More so, Aggie uses her powers for good and encourages her grandchildren to do the same.
1993  Hocus Pocus features the Sanderson Sisters, known for their badass quotes. Though not considered the brightest sister, Sarah Sanderson has a siren-like power of voice that makes her a critical witch. Virgos are renowned for their sensual yet analytic and critical composure.
Sarah has these qualities, as she may come across as an airhead, but she strategically uses her voice powers and flirtatious demeanor. And just like Virgos, who are usually waiting for the right time, Sarah is conscientious with her voice because she knows how powerful and dangerous it can be.
Libras’s natural optimism resonates deeply with The Nightmare Before Christmas‘s Jack Skellington, as he is able to look at the brighter side of his failings. For instance, he acknowledges how he was a bad Santa Claus, but moves on because he sees his intentions were in the right place. And in the traditional Libra fashion of wanting to be fair, he wants to do whatever it takes to make things back the way they were by giving Santa Claus control of Christmas.
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In addition, Libras can be indecisive because they always want to be diplomatic. Jack Skellington’s indecisiveness around who he is or what he wants to be part of is the main premise of the movie.
Scorpios are deeply passionate and can be possessive, making them both a symbol of power and clear vision. Winifred Sanderson controls every plan and guides her sisters to make appropriate choices. Her intelligence is clearly shown with her great knowledge of her spellbook given by the Devil.
The sometimes revengeful streak of Scorpios is also seen in Winifred, who decides to get back at her boyfriend who cheated on her with her sister, Sarah, by poisoning him. And similar to Scorpios, Winifred is extremely driven to fulfill a bigger goal that she believes is possible, despite the odds. In her case, it is to become immortal.
In this short Halloween television special, Jessie, from the fabulous Toy Story crew embodies the traits of a Sagitarrius. She takes on the impossible to save her friends from a mysterious creature in a haunted motel, despite the other toys, like Combat Carl, telling her to save herself.
Sagittarians are regarded for their adventurous, independent, and outspoken nature. Jessie is not afraid to speak her mind to do what feels right, even when she is terrified. While leading the rescue mission in a motel that feels like it should be in one of the best horror TV shows, Jessie is willing to embark on an adventure to rescue her pals and builds up her own confidence by saying, “Jessie never gives up and Jessie finds a way.” Spoken like a true Sag.
Jim Evers from Haunted Mansion is an extremely disciplined real estate agent, prioritizing himself and his work needs. His tendencies align with Capricorns who are incredibly ambitious and traditional. Jim’s level of ambition is the reason for a detour on a family vacation to a potential property he is asked to sell, a haunted mansion.
Capricorns tend to be realistic, just like Jim, who does not believe in ghosts. However, when he is faced to save his family, Jim springs into action like any Capricorn. He does whatever it takes and makes use of his resources, like when he drives his car into the mansion, in order to not lose his wife and kids.
Aquarians have a great sense of individualism, assertiveness, and humanitarianism. Though the youngest of the Hansen kids, Taylor’s willingness to pitch the theory of his mom dating a vampire is a bold opinion. Rather than backing away and agreeing with his older siblings, he is willing to take action to save his mom.
From helping a vampire hunter to believing in himself and his opinion, Taylor conveys an Aquarian’s forward-thinking and true originality. Taylor also portrays every Aquarian’s vision for individuality and growth by taking the challenge of protecting his mom and creating a safer world, even at eight years old.
Pisces have a dreamy, artistic nature. Camryn Barnes from Twitches has these traits, seen in both her sketching and social life. Her compassion for people makes her excited to have a twin sister, encouraging Alex to keep in touch and wanting to learn more about their bond.
Pisces also has great intuition. Camryn becomes overwhelmed with defeating the Darkness and the idea of destiny, resulting in her running away. But these feelings help her remember that her artwork had some drawings of the Darkness.
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