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Wolverine and Nightcrawler have offered some epic lessons on friendship, with silly, serious and subtle moments that give readers all the feels.
One of the few things more unbreakable than Wolverine’s adamantium-laced skeleton is the bond that Logan shares with his fellow X-Men team member Nightcrawler. Though he is a member and occasional leader of one of the most famous units in comics, the surly slasher often fails to connect with his fellow mutants. He has, however, taken a shine to the X-Men’s resident teleporting acrobat. No matter when Kurt Wagner pops into Logan’s life, the two resume their friendship like no time at all has elapsed.
Wolverine is notorious for being a loner who plays by his own set of rules and exhibits self-centered and cantankerous tendencies. Nightcrawler, on the other hand, is a perpetual optimist who is known for his compassion, along with his spirituality and his willingness to explore it. Given their opposing personalities, these two superheroes would seem to be make an odd pair, but their history throughout the years has shown the enviable depth of their friendship.
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There are many instances that demonstrate Nightcrawler and Wolverine’s long-standing affection for one another. For instance, they do not miss each other’s big moments in life and have exchanged similar gifts to celebrate. Wolverine, whose love of framed photographs has launched a well-circulated meme, finds the perfect gift for Kurt’s birthday in Uncanny X-Men Annual #4 by Chris Claremont and John Romita, Jr. – a framed photograph of himself. Nightcrawler would later play the Kurt Kringle to Wolverine’s Santa Claws, gifting Old Man Logan a framed picture of himself in a story from writer and artist Chip Zdarsky in the 2018 Merry X-Men Holiday Special.
A less lighthearted example is when Wolverine selflessly led a charge into the afterlife to rescue Nightcrawler after his character-defining sacrifice sent him to purgatory in the “Second Coming” epic. This mission, chronicled in Amazing X-Men #4 by Jason Aaron and Ed McGuinness, showed that purgatory proved more than Logan had bargained for. It quickly became a question of who was rescuing whom when Kurt found his pal lost in the frigid landscape and needed to lift his spirits with a hug and some heartwarming banter. This included a friendly fib that a battle against evil pirates awaited them when Wolverine was back at fighting strength. At the end, both heroes showed the lengths they were willing to go to for each other.
The two odd couple friends have also waxed existential on the existence of God and their place in the world if they were no longer members of the X-Men. Their discussion of a higher power in Uncanny X-Men #165 revealed their radically different viewpoints on faith. Whereas Nightcrawler always seeks to interpret events via faith, Logan says he only believes in what he can be perceived through his senses. Rather than driving them apart, such as admission only increases Nightcrawler’s fondness for his Canadian friend, who views him as utterly, inescapably alone. Not many characters take such a caring stance with Wolverine, whose abrasiveness keeps people at a distance, but Nightcrawler is fearless and unabashed in his affection.
While Logan has shown that he is willing to move heaven and earth (and beyond) for his friend, Nightcrawler has exhibited the same fiercely protective instinct. His genuine concern for Wolverine during one of his most vulnerable periods, after Magneto horrifically removed the Adamantium from his skeleton, was touching. With this unlikely pair of X-Men being there for each other through the best, worst, and silliest of circumstances, Wolverine and Nightcrawler are the type of BFFs that evoke all the feels.
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